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Persian Saffron categories

Bunch Saffron | Highest Quality Iranian Bunch Saffron

Daste/Bunch saffron
Bunch Saffron which is also called Daste saffron or Dokhtarpich saffron is the most complete and main type of saffron. In this type, a whole bunch of saffron is dried together…

Negin saffron | All Red very High standard ,100% pure & Natural

Negin saffron

Negin saffron is the best saffron in the world.If you are planning to buy saffron, you may be wondering what is the best Iranian saffron for your needs.All types of saffron have…

Pushal saffron | Best quality Iranian Pushal saffron

Pushal Saffron

Pushal saffron is a type of saffron that has the least risk of fraud.In this type of saffron, in addition to the red stigmas, the yellow/white part of the saffron cream is also…

saffron powder | pure natural powder from saffron

saffron powder

The original saffron powder has the same properties, aroma, taste, and color as saffron stigmas.Unfortunately, some saffron dealers color saffron roots, powder them, and sell them…

saffron style - saffron konj | white part of saffron stigma

saffron style or saffron konj

 Saffron Style or saffron konj 
saffron style  is the white or white and yellow part of the saffron which has been cut from other part of saffron, for…

Sargol saffron | Pure ,natural Highest quality Iranian Sargol saffron

Sargol saffron

Sargol saffron is the highest quality and most consumed type of saffron.This high consumption encourages many profiteers to use various ways to produce and sell counterfeit…

Super Negin saffron very high quality pure & natural | Eyjan Company

Super Negin saffron

Super Negin saffron is the most valuable type of saffron in the world saffron market and is a superior version of Negin saffron.Super Negin saffron is cultivated and harvested…

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Eyjan Persian saffron - Iranian saffron producer company

Eyjan Persian saffron Company

Iranian saffron -Persian saffron

Iran saffron company produces high-standard saffron and eyjan saffron company is one of the best

Best Saffron Brand in the world -Iranian saffron

Original saffron |We offer 100% pure natural saffron for best price

Original saffron Original saffron has a very high value due to its high coloring and its special aroma, we produce original saffron, and you can test and check the differences. buy original, 100% pure natural saffron from our company we are high standard saffron producer in Iran. This is why many dealers are tempted to sell it with low quality and high price. And this makes it more difficult to distinguish genuine saffron.Eyjan saffron company as a leading saffron manufacturer and exporter supplies all kinds of Iranian saffron of the highest quality and standards in unlimited quantities and delivers to all around the world with great support services. Original saffron in Europe Original saffron in India Original saffron in Vietnam Original saffron in China Original saffron in Canada and the USA how to distinguish original saffron Original saffron price Original saffron in Europe Saffron needs special weather conditions to grow. It can be cultivated in Europe but its quality is not comparable to Iranian saffron.… Read More
Original saffron