cream saffron cream

Iranian Saffron Cream or saffron white part

saffron cream is the white or white and yellow part of the saffron which has been cut from other part of saffron, for example during the prepossess before the drying if you are going to have Negin saffron or pushal saffron all red you will cut the yellow and white part , the cut part with yellow and white part is saffron cream, if you are going to have pushal saffron with yellow part then the cut part will have less yellow part and more white part so the quality of the cream saffron depends on how saffron cream has been divided from the Bunch.

in other word Creamsaffron or tail of saffron, is the bottom of saffron, with the lite yellow color of saffron stigma.

cream saffron

Many people prefer to use cream saffron for their consumption purpose due to cream saffron very rich ingredient properties with unique benefits.

cream saffron has the color and very much benefits and properties , for coloring the difference is that you should use more cream saffron to have same color as Negin saffron, to give you an idea for example you should use 5 gram cream saffron to have the 1 gram Negin saffron , but for the benefits and properties , scientific research shows cream saffron is very richest part comparing Negin saffron and pushal saffron.

Due to high price of the Negin saffron or even the pushal saffron poor people prefer to use cream saffron, they get their required from cream saffron to have the color and benefits from saffron.

cream saffron is available in Iran market with very high supply and low demand so the price of the cream saffron is very resalable.

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we are able to provide cream saffron in bulk or in metal boxes in different grams.

If you are using saffron for coloring or even as an edible herbal for its benefits we recommend you saffron cream which has low price , high supply , available any time in market and easy to buy.

Saffron cream is available in 1Kg Bags , 500 Grams metal boxes, 250 grams Metal boxes, 200Grams Metal boxes, and less by your order.

saffron root

Some our customers order to make the combination of 50% saffron cream and 50 percent very short sargol saffron powder for their saffron capsule, or in 1 gram little box for retail sell.

The combination of the saffron powder made from ordered percentage of combination of cream saffron and sargol would be very efficient way for Low purchase power parity countries, this sort of powder is very beneficial for usage and even for the business and might have high demand if you advertise informatively.

Some customers mix the saffron cream powder with Jams and other pastries made by their production lines