Iranian saffronAbout EYJAN saffron producer company history , mission and vission  

Since 1990 we have the saffron farm and manufacture

 About Eyjan saffron producer 

We are the most reliable Persian Saffron supplier from IRAN and look for long term Business relation in the worldwide market.

It would be our pleasure if you decided to start Business cooperation with us. Stressing that IRAN has the best quality Saffron in the world. We are committed to supplying Persian Saffron in your ordered quality and quantity.

If you look for trustworthy and long term Business please do not hesitate to contact us. For your information: Iran is responsible for around 93% of global saffron production, and most of their product is exported.

Our team mainly deals with organic and pure products. EYJAN wants to be a leader in supply saffron, medicinal herbs and food products in bulk and packing.

We are cooperative to the order of the client’s request, with globally competitive quality and with the aim of creating common added value for all stakeholders.

Our mission is to produce and supplies the products of medicinal herbs and foodstuffs with superior quality in bulk and packing with client brands or EYJAN brand in

varied and attractive shapes.

We respect the principle of honesty and the value sharing for our co-workers as our principle.

We are trying to promote the health of the community and using expert human resources to be different in the domestic and

foreign market.

Here is Eyjan Persian saffron brief history:

Eyjan started it work from the 1988 as a saffron wholesaler in Iran, we worked for 2 years observing farms advising farmers and buying the saffron flowers to pick the saffron stigma for processing and drying.

 We had many difficulty to deal with farmers and we couldn’t make sure the quality assurance , consequently Eyjan Persian saffron decided to cultivate its own saffron flowers , since the saffron flower nature is very sensitive and first 3 years of the cultivation is not economically efficient, then beside the cultivation we had to pick good farms in which the farmers who are willing to cooperate for better and efficient production to buy the saffron flower from them.

We continued our hardworking and our concentration was on very high standard saffron production and our yearly production was growing and we realize we are in need of bigger place for processing and saffron stock.

The location was very important because the saffron flower should process very fast before it gets perish, most of our farmers and rental farm land was near Faruj village in north Khorasan. 

We bought a land a started to build salon for our prospecting and safe place for our stock, after we built our place, we were looking for having the advantage of better technology for more efficient way by the machine and better timing. 

At that time was actually no Technology and machinery and we had to stick to labors which was very hard to convince them for the awareness of sanitary issues.

Now after those hard years we have our good arrangements the place is sanitize, the personal who are working with us are under sanitary observation and no extra person is allowed to enter to the processing and stock place for the safety of your production and saffron stock.

We have near 25 fix employees but each year at the time of harvesting we may rise the labors very much like 200 labors in order to respond fast the processing the flowers and drying process. 

After harvesting there not much job to do for the processing and the only job we have is packing and renewing our processing system and organization. 

We are making good command of the business to serve our clients fast and efficient. 

Because we are not just a saffron producer, we are making healthy word.

   We are more than a saffron producer, we are building a healthy world

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