premium super Negin saffron 

premium super negin saffron

premium super Negin saffron

premium super Negin saffron is widely used and known as must papular saffron requested especially Asian distributors.

premium super Negin saffron is saffron that is dried by very high-tech machinery but premium super Negin saffron does have low crocin, crocin is the element in saffron that has a high value of herbal medical properties, although we produce premium super Negin saffron it's just because of customer like the appearance of the saffron rather the rich properties 

if you are trying to supply high-quality saffron ask for high crocin saffron which maybe the appearance is thin and broken but the benefits and properties are what people are using saffron.

saffron premium - Otoyi saffron best quality saffron

premium super Negin has a very charming appearance, also called IRONED saffron because it's pressed by air in the drying machine the crocin of premium super Negin saffron sometimes can be as much as 240  but if you keep it for a long time it will lose the crocin and safranal which is like poison rises the element of smelling is safranal and the element of giving color is crocin, but they should be balanced, old saffron has high value of safranal which is not good for health.

saffron premium is made with the latest know-how and technology

Our recommendation for premium super Negin saffron is to buy the new harvest for the latest year, if you are among those who prefer to supply your clients with premium super Negin saffron then buy your saffron from late November to the end of December this period is the harvest time and in December the price is real and the lowest possible. 
we have the golden experience that saffron naturally dried keeps the saffron properties and has very healthy, complete medical benefits element.
Eyjan saffron producer has the responsibility to  inform the business partners about the saffron qualities and the differences to decide better what to order for their clients the very important issue is to analyze the usage of their  customers 
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