harvest saffron iranguidanceSaffron is the most valuable spice in the world due to the special conditions required for its cultivation.
Iranian saffron onion is the strongest saffron onion in the world. Also, the soil of Iranian agricultural lands and the height of Iran's cultivated lands have the best conditions for cultivating saffron. All these factors together have made Iranian saffron known as the highest quality saffron in the world.
Besides, during several centuries of saffron cultivation, Iranian farmers have mastered the skills and techniques that they have in cultivating, holding, and harvesting saffron, that no one else in the world has the technical skills and technology that Iranian farmers have.
Also, Iran is the center of producing saffron, and cultivating saffron in Iran on large scales causes economies scale while producing saffron in other countries is not economically viable.
Our recommendation is to buy Iranian saffron from Iran at a reasonable price and high quality instead of growing and producing saffron in your own country.
If you want to buy Iranian saffron the best option is to choose a reputable Iranian saffron manufacturer company that guarantees the quality of its saffron and can supply any kind of saffron in large volumes and sends it all over the world and also have after-sales support services.
Eyjan saffron company with more than 20 years brilliant history of manufacturing and exporting premium saffron that is known as one of the best Iranian saffron producers and exporters in Iran.
By offering different kinds of Iranian first-hand wholesale saffron in the highest quality and unlimited quantities, Eyjan company provides the possibility for you to buy premium Iranian saffron online directly from Iran and receive it anywhere in the world you are.
To be assured of the purity of our saffron, in addition to the possibility of checking Eyjan company's products in the Tehran office, we’ve made an option for you to order a sample of wholesale saffron you want to buy before the final order.

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Which country produces the best saffron?
What is the highest quality saffron?
What are the different kinds of Iranian saffron?

How much does saffron cost?
Why saffron is so expensive?
Uses of saffron
How to store saffron
Does saffron expire?


saffron bestSaffron has long been the world's costliest spice by weight. it is a spice obtained from the saffron flower, that is called the "saffron crocus".
Stigma and styles, called threads, are collected and dried to use as a spice for its color, flavor, and taste in food, and for its nutrients, in medicine and beauty products.
Saffron is contained of 3 main factors that decide its quality. Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin.
Crocin is the cause of saffron coloring power. Safranal provides the saffron aroma. And picrocrocin provides the taste of this spice.

Which country produces the best saffron?

  • Where does saffron grow best?best saffron in the world

    In Iran, organic saffron is cultivated by professional growers, who don't use chemical materials synthetic pesticides, preservatives, food additives, or colorings to produce saffron.

Iranian saffron is entirely made up of the red stigma of the flower, and because of that Iranian saffron has the most flavor and aroma in the world.
The effective results of Iranian Saffron cultivation can be achieved in special tropical areas which have the dry warm Summer and mild Winter.
The warm middle eastern sun, Soil rich in nutrients of Iran has been proved as the best conditions for growing saffron for so many years.
Plants grown in various geographical regions may have different substances, nutrition, and therapeutic values. So each type of saffron that belongs to a different place in the world is different in the percentage of constituent substances.
as we noted earlier in this article, safranal is one of the main ingredients in saffron, that high levels of it cause toxicity.
Iranian saffron contains the minimum percentage of safranal, and this is one of the most important advantages of buying saffron from Iran.

  • Iranian saffron; The best saffron in the world saffron cultivationSaffron that cultivates in other countries has less aroma and less crocin, original saffron properties which is coming from Iran are the very rich and best effect on human health.

As we mention earlier Iran was the world’s first largest producer and Saffron exporter but nowadays it has other competitors. Over recent years, some countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Morocco started to cultivate and produce Saffron.
But Iranian saffron has always been superior to all types of saffron is known as Spanish, Indian, Keshmiri, Greek, Spanish, Austrian saffron, and all other saffron types that grow in regions all over the world.
Persian Saffron has always been the most valued for its coloring (Corcin) and flavor (Picrocrocin) properties.

  • Iran is the saffron origin

saffron originProduction of wholesale saffron in Iran has a long history, Saffron-based pigments have indeed been found in 50,000-year-old depictions of prehistoric places in northwest Iran.
this product is a traditional product of East and Northeast of Iran, the production and consumption of which has long been popular among Iranians.

  • Iran is the largest saffron producer

largest saffron producerAs we all know Iran is the world’s leading producer of saffron and its share in the saffron world production is almost 90%.
With approximately 430 tons of production in 2019, Iran is ranked first among the countries which produce saffron in the world.
This high demand shows the high quality of the first-class Iranian saffron and confirms that you can’t find saffron with the quality same as the quality of Iranian saffron anywhere else.

  • Iranian Saffron economic and social significance

Iranian Saffron has been known as the most prized cultivation product and also the precious spice in the world has special stand among the industrial and importing product of in Iran, at the moment Iran ranks first among the largest saffron producers in the world and 65percent of world production of this red-gold proudly belongs to Iran.

The various and wide range of application and also medicinal benefits of Iranian Saffron has made focusing on the import-export and product of this precious plant has been increased that caused the important effects on subsisting of the farmers who live in the center and southern area of Khorasan.

  • Iranian Saffron Cultivation statistics

In the last recent years, Iranian Saffron cultivation and production had a significant increase which the area of it increased from 12 thousand hectares in 1989 to 40thousand hectares in the 2000 year also the rate of Iranian Saffron production increased from 58 tons to 125/5 tones in the 2000 year. Recent studies demonstrate that we may have 5 to 6 Kg of Saffron in each hectare of cultivation farm and 3 kg in drought conditions. We can diploid the amount of cultivation by using a technological method in cultivating procedure.

In Fars province. The cultivation procedure reported 5 kg in Fars province, 5/1 kg in Semnan, and 4/2 in Kerman.

Table 1: Cultivation Statistics, Production amount, Yields and beneficiary in the producer’s province of the country (2000)

saffron statsticsTable 2: Statistics of cultivation and production of Iranian Saffron between the years 1971-1997

Overreaching the cultivation of Iranian Saffron in recent years has been increased the efficiency of production as well. According to Tables 1 and 2 continuous cultivation following production and increased that, as you can see the cultivation of this precious plant has increased in 1973 from 2950 hectares to 41325 hectares in 2000 and the production of the Iranian Saffron increased from 17 tons to 125/6 tones in the same year.

What is the highest quality saffron?

high quality saffonSo far we know that Iranian saffron is the best saffron. But you can't trust any saffron brand to buy Iranian saffron and not all of the saffron dealers sell you pure saffron.

Here we brought you some methods to recognize real and original saffron:

  • Appearance: Original saffron threads are thick, long, trumpet-shaped, and healthy without breakage into chopped strands. Its color should be bright red, and if you rub real saffron between your fingers to check its coloring power, your skin will turn yellow/orange. Premium pure saffron is completely uniform and has minimum whiteness.
  • Aroma: Fake saffron doesn’t have a clear smell. But real saffron has a unique aroma smell a blend of earth, tobacco, vanilla, honey, salty-sweet.
  • Taste: Although saffron is a very aromatic spice, it doesn’t have a clear taste. While it smells sweet, it tastes slightly bitter, if it tastes excessively sweet it means the saffron is fake and impure.
  • Testing saffron using water: Put a few saffron threads in water. If they release color quickly, the threads lose their color, it is definitely fake saffron with artificial red coloring. But original saffron releases its color slowly and the threads remain bright red at the end.
  • testing saffron using baking soda: you can mix a little bit of saffron and baking soda, then pouring water over the mixture. If its color turns yellow, the substance is real saffron.
  • Price: saffron has a fixed price. If they offer you original saffron at a cheap price, their claim may not be true.

But for complete assurance of saffron purity, we suggest you buy saffron from trusted saffron manufacturers that offer you natural premium saffron from Iran like Eyjan saffron company company.
Eyjan company carries out all the processes of planting, harvesting, and drying with help of skilled personnel and advanced machinery with consider health principles following the standards.
It consists of personnel who are aware of the agricultural situation and offer you first-class and original saffron without intermediaries and minimal profit.
Through the ongoing monitoring of Eyjan saffron farmland, we always strive to provide pure and organic Iranian saffron free from contamination and impurities when purchasing saffron from farmers.
Also as we mentioned earlier, in Eyjan saffron company you have options to be completely assured about product purity.

  1. You can check the quality of the products in the Tehran office.
  2. Or you can order a sample of saffron before the final order to get acquainted with its quality, fragrance, and powering color.

where to buy Iranian saffron

  • Saffron exporting countries

saffron exportingcountries

In 2016, Iran produced 90% of the world’s saffron, while had 42% of the world's saffron export share.
Because of the sanctions imposed on Iran and also, Iran’s weakness in international marketing, Spain is known as the world's largest exporter of saffron.
Every year, a large amount of Iranian saffron is exported to Spain, to be packaged and reexported to other countries.
After Spain, the largest sellers of saffron are Italy, UAE, USA, Argentina, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong.
Generally, If there is a way to penetrate in any stage of production, processing, packaging, standardization, and inspection of saffron then the saffron company could commit fraud.
So if you don't buy saffron from its mains source that is the saffron producer in Iran, it's very unlikely that you can buy saffron that is original and at a reasonable price.
Saffron intermediary dealers cheat  in 2 ways
Countries such as Spain packs the bulk Iranian saffron with its name and offers it at a price much higher than the price of wholesale saffron in Iran.
international markets dealers mostly in India, Dubai, Pakistan Iraq, and turkey, or even Afghanistan mix Iranian saffron with their low-quality saffron and sell it as first-class Iranian saffron.
Ejan Saffron Company, with the aim of minimizing intermediaries, performs all stages of production, packaging, and sale of all its products independently.
If you are looking to buy saffron, by ordering saffron online and directly from Iran and Eyjan Company you can have original and first-hand Iranian saffron in the highest quality at the fairest saffron price.
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What are the different kinds of Iranian saffron?

Negin saffron

Negin saffronNegin saffron is the best, highest quality, and most expensive type of saffron that has many fans all over the world.
In Negin saffron, which is a special type of Pushal saffron, the red and thick stigmas of the stigma are separated from the existing filaments without the white part (yellow) and there is no yellowness in it.

Negin saffron Features

  • High coloring: It has the maximum coloring power of saffron, which is about 230 to 270 units.
  • Superb appearance: Saffron is classified by various criteria including physical characteristics, the area where it's been cultivated, its quality, coloring power, and aroma in the world.
    But the most valid classification that has been accepted by all countries producing and consuming saffron is the ISO 3632 standard.
    In the following, we will introduce and explain the different types of saffron based on this classification. The three strands of the stigma are separated and are smooth, coarse, long, and without fractures. Their ends are not white at all. Saffron is uniform and red, and its strands have no wrinkles and are smooth.
  • Fantastic fragrance

For these reasons, this type of saffron is considered the highest grade
The best type of saffron for import is Super Negin.
Negin saffron itself is divided into the following types based on some of its characteristics:

Ironed Negin Saffron

This type of saffron is pressed during processing and its strands become flat.

Super Negin Saffron

Super Negin Saffron is the most well-known and famous among the types of saffron. The best option for import due to the quality, color, and excessive size of its saffron stigmas is Super Negin saffron.

First-class Negin saffron

This saffron has a good quality and a more reasonable price.
Although Negin saffron and Sargol saffron are both composed only of the stigma, and the white and yellow parts are completely separated, also Sargol saffron has the same color and aroma as Negin saffron, but there are some differences in their appearance.
In Negin saffron, the saffron threads are longer and trimmed perfectly to eliminate any yellow part and broken strands. Negin is all-red in color and contains little to no crumbs.
So customers who pay a lot of attention to the appearance of saffron, often choose Negin saffron even though it is more expensive.

Production and sale of Negin saffron are difficult, due to the time-consuming and costly process and more required activity and skills for processing.
Negin saffron is composed of stigmas without white part and has a very large volume.
The upper part of each saffron branch that has a great effect on the color of saffron is wide and large in Super Negin saffron. That's why the power of color and aroma of Negin saffron is very high. The wider and larger part of the top of the saffron determines whether this saffron is the best type of saffron for export or not.
Not every farmer can harvest super Negin saffron. cultivating Super Negin saffron needs knowledge and awareness of the agricultural situation.
Eyjan company carries out all the processes of planting, harvesting, and drying with help of skilled personnel and advanced machinery with consider health principles following the standards and offer you first-class and original super Negin and other types of saffron.

Negin saffron price

Due to the sensitive and complex production process and its high quality, it is more expensive than all other types of saffron and different prices are considered for it depending on the quality.

Sargol saffron

sargol saffronSargol saffron is another of the most popular and common types of saffron and most customers are more familiar with this type of saffron, it is also one of the best types of saffron.
Sargol is high quality and suitable for cooking that many restaurants choose. The aroma and color of Sargol saffron are so great that a small amount of it can make food or tea very colorful and fragrant because the percentage of crocin and safranal in this type is very high.

Sargol saffron Features

  • Beautiful and colorful appearance: In Sargol saffron, the white part (root) is completely removed and its stigmas are all red, they form pure and red saffron and there is no trace of white or yellow in it.
  • separate strands: The strands in this type of saffron are separated, they are seen clean and separate, and they are not intertwined and stuck together.
  • High coloring power: Among the types of saffron after Negin saffron, Sargol saffron has the highest coloring power, which is about 210 to 260 units.
  • Stigmas: Sargol saffron is composed of wound strands of saffron stigmas, but its quality is slightly lower than Negin saffron due to broken stigmas.
The similarity between Sargol and Pushal

In some cases, Pushal saffron is also called Sargol, in which case it is divided into two types: Sargin Negin and Sargol Mumtaz.

  1. Sargol Negin is the type of saffron we describe above.
  2. Sargol Mumtaz actually contains a part of yellow tail.
Fraud in Sargol saffron

Fraud is more often in Sargol saffron than other kinds. It is possible to make the yellow and white parts of saffron red with artificial colors and sell them as stigmas. These cases also have many disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to be careful enough to buy Sargol and buy it from reputable and reliable people and brands.
Sargol saffron is obtained by cleaning Daste saffron and Sargol saffron, and there is definitely a certain amount of breakage and crushing during this operation.
Therefore, based on the number of crumbs, saffron is divided into different grades.
High-quality Sargol saffron has a stigma (red part) without yellow and white parts. The stigmas should not stick together and the best type has more red color. The more of these characteristics and the longer the stigma, the better the saffron.

Sargol saffron Price

The price of this type of saffron is higher than other types of saffron except for Negin saffron. But Sargol saffron itself is also offered at different prices based on its characteristics. The lower the number of crumbs, and the taller the stigmas, the higher the price.

Pushal saffron

pushal saffronWhen hearing the name of saffron, most people think of only red uniform stigmas. While there is a type of saffron called Pushal, which includes the red part of the stigma and the yellow part called the saffron root.
Saffron root has extraordinary properties, but it is not very acceptable for customers to buy. For this reason, saffron usually tries to remove the root of the so-called saffron. Sargol saffron is saffron that has only the red parts of saffron and there is no more news about its roots. But the saffron root can remain like a whitetail during the saffron flowering and complete separation of the roots. This saffron is called Pushal saffron.
In Pushal saffron, the saffron style (white part) is separated from under the flower, so that the stigmas will have 2-3 saffron style or white part. At the end of the stigmas of the three branches of saffron, there is some yellow or white, which gives it a Pushal-like shape; That is why saffron is called Pushal.
Pushal saffron is divided into two types of puffed Pushal and ordinary Pushal.
Pushal saffron that has thick and smooth stigmas, no wrinkles, and has less saffron style  (root) is called Pushal, and Pushal saffron, which has a normal stalk and is eaten with more saffron style , is called ordinary Pushal.
This model of saffron is graded from 1 to 3 based on the coarseness and sagging of the stigma and the amount of saffron style or white part attached to it.

Pushal saffron Features

  • Appearance: The saffron stigma of the colorful Pushal has a fringe and a white end. In Pushal saffron, the red stigma part of the saffron string is 1 to 3 mm from the yellow tail part, and the connection of the stigma to the white part reduces the possibility of this type of saffron being counterfeit.
  • Dyeing: The coloring power of Pushal saffron is 170 to 250 units, which is less than Negin and Sargol saffron, but in general it has a good dyeing power.
Fraud is less likely

Due to the presence of the root or the same yellow part that is attached to the stigma, the possibility of cheating in saffron is reduced and it is considered a guarantee to measure its quality. Also, its quality is considered higher due to the presence of different parts of saffron and it is believed that all its properties are preserved.

Pushal saffron Price

The price of Pushal saffron is higher than the Dasteh saffron, but it is cheaper than Negin saffron and Sargol saffron.

Daste/Bunch saffron

Bunch saffronSo that the yellow part forms about 30% and the red part forms about 70% of it. In this type of classification, saffron is intact and the stigmas of the three branches of saffron are not separated from the white part of the saffron.
Daste saffron is known as the most original and best type of saffron.
The layout of this model is one-way and two-way. In a one-sided arrangement, the stigmas are stacked on top of each other and the stigmas are stacked on top of each other, but in a two-sided arrangement, the stigmas are on both sides and the white part  are in the middle.
Usually, the two-way method is more attractive from the customers' point of view, because the red part of the saffron strings (stigma) around the product is more beautiful.
Daste saffron is called 4th-grade saffron in the classification of the National Organization for Standardization and also the standard 1-259.

Daste saffron features

  • Appearance: Daste Saffron is a group of complete saffron strings, each of which has three main parts: First the lowest part of saffron, which is white and is called saffron root. Second the yellow part between the red and white part. Third the red part, which alone receives the title of sergeant. The white part portion is usually 3 to 5 mm and the stigma depends on the quality of the Bunch saffron, longer or shorter.
  • Coloring power: The dyeing of Daste saffron is between 120 and 150 units. This type of saffron is moderately ranked among saffrons in terms of color.
  • Fragrance: Daste saffron has a wonderful aroma because it is a complete string of saffron.

Fraud is less likely

In addition to the fact that the possibility of fraud in batch saffron is very low, it is generally known as the best type of genuine saffron.

Daste/Bunch saffron price

The price of Bunch saffron is cheaper than other types of saffron, and the reason for this is the presence of impurities (yellow and white part) in this type of classification.

Therefore, it is the best and most economical type for home use.

Konj/white saffron

white saffronKonj saffron is not considered a category of saffron.
When cleaning saffron and removing the saffron stigma to prepare Negin saffron, the root or white part, which in Iran is called the Konj saffron or white saffron, remains; This part is known in Europe as white or style (white part).
It is widely believed that saffron root has more fragrance, but scientific studies and analyzes show that the valuable ingredients of saffron are found only in its red stigma.
One of these substances is crocin, which moves from the red stigma to the white root inside the saffron plant, and because the saffron stye part has more moisture, it causes more aroma to be inhaled from the saffron root.
Saffron root does not contain crocin (responsible for saffron coloring) but has the properties of red saffron.


Konj saffron is composed of the lowest part, ie the root part. Most counterfeiters use this type of saffron to cheat saffron and sell it by staining it with the color of a stigma so that they dye it as saffron. They sell red, but white saffron itself has its properties.

Therapeutic uses in traditional medicine and industrial uses such as cosmetics are also among Konj Saffron's consumptions.

 White saffron price

The price of white saffron is considered less than other types of saffron, which are used more in the productivity of the stigma.
This type of saffron is also sold in the market and although its color is low, it has the real aroma and taste of saffron. Whiteness is the best type of saffron for use in tea and tea, as well as the flavoring and aroma of food.

Saffron powder

saffron powderSaffron powder is not one of the types of saffron. It is obtained by grinding the original saffron.


you should be careful to buy saffron powder from a trusted saffron brand because many saffron dealers mix sugar powder with saffron powder and sell it instead of pure saffron powder, to make more profit.

Saffron Powder price

Because there are no solid and large stigmas in saffron powder, it is sold at a lower price than saffron.
At Eyjan company we have can supply all kinds of Iranian saffron such as Negin saffron (Super Negin, Negin, Normal Negin), Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron, Dasteh/Bunch saffron in large quantities.
So if you order the Negin Saffron in one season of the year and ask for another kind of Saffron in another season, there are always large quantities of saffron available.
Eyjan Saffron Company offers all kinds of saffron of the best quality in unlimited quantities, in the quality above the standard level, and in bulk and different retail boxes.

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How much does saffron cost?

Eyjan saffron company offers you the purest first-hand Iranian saffron at production price.
Saffron has different prices that have different factors in its price.
The price of wholesale saffron is determined based on criterions such as quality of saffron, type of saffron, the amount of the saffron you buy, purchasing saffron from saffron intermediary dealers or the saffron manufacturer, the type of packing, harvest season, saffron cultivation place, etc.
But the most important factor is the quality of saffron.
Eyjan saffron company offers you the purest first-hand Iranian saffron at production price.
Because Eyjan Saffron is a saffron manufacturer and you can buy Iranian saffron directly from producers, In addition to buying high-quality, pure, and first-class saffron, you can buy saffron at a very reasonable and base price.
We have removed dealers as possible to supply the Iranian wholesale saffron with its real price.

For exact wholesale saffron price information please contact us.
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Wholesale Saffron Price

The Iranian wholesale saffron price from Eyjan saffron company is much lower than the price of selling saffron in other companies.
Iranian wholesale saffron in Eyjan saffron company is possible in bulk or packaged.
Generally, wholesale saffron that packages in retail boxes is more expensive than bulk saffron. Because the packaging cost will be added to the net saffron cost.

Why saffron is so expensive?

saffron is expensiveIt is very difficult to harvest saffron. Each flower contains only three delicate stigmas.
In order to have a kilogram of saffron, you need to collect about 90 kilograms of saffron flowers that have bloomed overnight before dawn and before being exposed to sunshine.
The flowers are then carried to the processing areas where the stigmas are removed.
All the saffron production prosses should be done patiently by hand because no technology has yet been developed to collect saffron stigmas without harming it.
The next step is to dry, sort, package, and seal it.

  • cheap saffron

Iran with 98% of world saffron production has an official saffron market to indicate the precise saffron market price each day. And original saffron has a fixed certain price.
Scammers mix different types of low-quality saffron with Iranian saffron and sell it as pure saffron at a lower price.
Or if your buying saffron online they show you the photo of high-quality saffron and offer a very low price for it to sell you their impure saffron.
Eyjan saffron price is so fair due to its quality because there is no intermediary dealer and you buy saffron from the saffron producer.
If you want to buy saffron from Iran at the best price, Eyjan saffron company is the best option for you.

Uses of saffron

saffron usesDue to the valuable and unique features of Persian Saffron is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world.
At first, as its edible colors and the aromatic substance that can be used in cooking.
For the second, for its nutritions that can be used as medicine and beauty products.
Saffron has been used for centuries for the treatment of disease because of its sedative and medicinal properties.

How to store saffron

store saffronSaffron threads should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place.
If saffron is exposed to direct light, heat, moisture, and oxygen, it loses its freshness and matures very quickly.
Also, exposing saffron to moisture causes mold and bacteria and accelerates its spoilage.
The ideal condition for storing saffron protects it from light and moisture. The best saffron dishes are metal dishes and after that stained glass dishes.
Preferably store saffron in metal or glass containers because it has a much longer shelf life and helps to maintain its nutritional value.
Plastic containers are not suitable for storing saffron.
Try to keep the container tightly closed and see the air and moisture penetration completely.
It is also recommended to consume saffron for a short time after pulverization because its essential oil evaporates faster after pulverization.
You can keep dry saffron in the freezer for up to a year. Or keep saffron water in the fridge in an airtight container for up to three weeks.
Saffron, especially after grinding, should be stored in a glass cup away from light and moisture. Because saffron essential oil (volatile substances) can evaporate if stored improperly, over time, the essential oil evaporates and its medicinal and taste effects are reduced and its quality is lost
Eyjan saffron containers are perfectly standard so air and moisture can not enter the container and, affecting the saffron inside the box and reducing the quality of the saffron.

Does saffron expire?

Saffron, like other spices, has a shelf life, and especially if it is not stored properly, it loses its aroma, taste, and color over time.
It is better to consume saffron before its expiration date. However, saffron that has passed its expiration date can also be consumed if it does not show signs of spoilage.
How long saffron lasts depends on storage, the quality of the saffron, and whether it is ground or whole.
If proper storage conditions are observed, you can use saffron that is 2-3 years old from the date of sale and saffron powder that is 6-12 months old from the date of sale.

Final words

Because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various brands of Saffron in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand to buy saffron from Iran, comparing other brands and producers, We believe that we are the best Iranian Saffron wholesaler.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers to buy saffron from Iran safely. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality.
The special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered as the best supplier of Iranian wholesale saffron in the world.

If you are looking for a first-hand company to trust having the very pure natural best quality saffron tp buy saffron from Iran just send us an email at
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