Iranian saffron

iranian saffron

Iranian saffron that is called the “Red Gold” in Iran is known as the best saffron in the world.

Eyjan saffron company is a reputable saffron company that has been cultivating Persian saffron for many years.

Our company Ensuring Quality, Fragrance, Freshness, Taste, and Rich properties of Persian saffron with a fair price,100% natural pure production, and support to our partners.

We have identified various areas in Iran and cultivates saffron were known that it will obtain the best and highest quality saffron and offer the highest quality Persian saffron for your customers.


Why Eyjan Iranian saffron?

Benefits of Persian Saffron
Iranian saffron

Why you can trust us as an Iranian saffron company?


Why Eyjan Iranian saffron?

  • Fair Price

There are lots of saffron companies that supply Iranian saffron but few of them are self-sufficient and produce their saffron and this affects their saffron price.

But we in Eyjan company carry out all the processes of planting, harvesting, and drying with help of skilled personnel and advanced machinery with consider health principles following the standards.

This self-sufficiency will ultimately cause to our price be more realistic and allows us to supply saffron at a lower price than others because the saffron dealers are limited.

When there is no saffron dealer, the possibility of fraud is reduced to zero and in addition, the saffron is got by customers at the right price and the farmer makes more profit.

Unfortunately, fraudsters are overrepresented in the market and are offering counterfeit saffron in a variety of ways.

With the Iranian saffron dealers, this is a critical issue, and because of the tempting low prices, many people are interested in buying these products.

You buy Iranian saffron from the saffron manufacturer at a fairer price than buying saffron from brokers. You may deal with a saffron dealer who supplies saffron at a lower price but be sure that they supply low-quality or fake saffron.

  • Ensuring Quality of our Persian saffron

iranian saffron quality

Wholesale saffron produced by Eyjan company is 100% pure and natural.

Our effort is to produce our saffron naturally without using chemical materials and guarantee that no pesticide or fertilizer enters our farmlands.

We mainly use non-chemical methods such as biological control, mechanical traps, choke and steam, flood irrigation to control pests, insidious animals, and diseases.

Eyjan saffron produces all kinds of Iranian saffron such as super Negin saffron and other classes of Negin(Coupe) saffron, Sargol(Cut) saffron, poushal (Thread)saffron, and also Dasteh(bunch) saffron in the best quality and offers the most beautiful packing.

The advantage of Eyjan saffron is controlling the quality and testing that is done on saffron to get a high-quality product to our dear customers.

What are the key factors of saffron quality? After making sure that the saffron is genuine, three key factors assess its quality: crocin, which is the red color of saffron. Picrocrocin, which causes saffron flavor, and safranal, which is the smell of saffron.

 The Iranian standard for saffron is more stringent than the international standard for saffron, ISO 3632. According to the Iranian standard, the crocin level, which determines the amount of saffron coloring power, should be 200 - 220 for premium saffron.

What are the characteristics of high-quality and exported saffron? Exported saffron in addition to have good taste, coarseness, and thickness of stigmas, should be healthy and not broken.

The amount of saffron flavor is one of the physical parameters. It should have chemical parameters that are the percentage of moisture and the amount of coloring power of saffron.

High-quality saffron characteristics -The thickness and length of the Persian saffron strands.

-A healthy and unbroken saffron head.

-The redness of the saffron whole and the absence of white spots

-High coloring power

-Good fragrance

  • Iranian saffron produced by EYJAN company and Assurance the purity

iranian saffron has the best quality in world

There is a massive demand for Iranian Saffron consumption, and the lack of production and supply of it in the world is considered as the main reason for fraud in the supply of Iranian saffron products to domestic and foreign markets.

It is easy to produce fake Saffron so direct and indirect fraud occur in much of the Saffron available on the domestic or international market.

What is the main cause of this fraud in the supply of Saffron?

If the way of production, processing, packaging, standardization, and inspection methods are penetrable then fraud will be committed.

This can be occurred in selling most of the products including butter, sugar, milk powder, wheat, barley, corn, vegetable oil, medicine. If Saffron's purpose is to use it in the medicinal product, the use of pure Saffron is highlighted to obtain the best result.

Iranian saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and it has about eight hundred types of fraud. You can rest assured that you buy the original saffron by buying directly from the farmers whose farmlands are supervised by Eyjan saffron company and our saffron is analyzed in the laboratory.

In the saffron market, different farmers’ saffron is mixed together. But in Eyjan saffron company you buy pure saffron.

  • 100% Natural

We cultivate natural saffron; nowadays most of the saffron producers cultivate conventional saffron but we don’t add any pesticide or fertilizer to our farmlands.

  • Ensuring Freshness of  Persian saffron 

 fresh saffron



We don't store saffron in our company. After selling our own Iranian saffron we buy saffron as needed from farmers on whose farmlands we monitor. Consequently, we supply fresh saffron and also support the farmers.

There are saffron wholesalers and dealers who buy Iranian saffron, at certain times of the year and store the saffron, in addition to harming farmers, it also makes the saffron more expensive on the other hand it’s not clear how long they hold the saffron and the saffron they supply belongs to several months and years ago. In this case the saffron ages and becomes old. Furthermore, the saffron while passing from these processes and several dealers’ hands may be broken the stigmas.


  • Easy to Order  Persian saffron  from Eyjan saffron  

On the Eyjan Saffron website, we have provided you an easy and convenient shopping experience.

There you will recognize all types of Persian saffron, their different prices, and easily get the best results with very little time.

And you will be able to get the best saffron according to your needs.

Get ready soon and add the experience of buying saffron from the saffron manufacturer directly to your other life experiences.

  • High-quality Packing  Persian saffron  from Eyjan company

 Iranian saffron  high quality packing

saffron containers should prevent air from entering the container. The saffron strands should not break in the way the consumer reaches. The more saffron-effective substances are exposed to air, the sooner they are lost.

Because some are volatile and some are oxidized alongside oxygen. For this reason, the saffron in Eyjan saffron company is packed carefully so the air can’t get into the container.

Our saffron containers are not full metal and all the saffron inside the container is visible. You can see the tall and all red strands of saffron. We don’t hide broken or low-quality saffron in full metal boxes.

If they are original, all the saffron have a fracture rate which this amount is very low in EYJAN  brands.

We even use containers in which the saffron inside the container is visible and the customer can see the contents of the container and the tall and all red strands of saffron are visible, rather than using fully covered containers to hide a large number of broken stigmas of saffron at them.

Our saffron containers are perfectly standard so air and moisture can not enter the container and, affecting the saffron inside the box and reducing the quality of the saffron.

Buying saffron from our company is possible both in bulk and retail. All types of packing are available in different sizes and models suitable for any needs.

Bulk saffron is packed in bulk saffron containers which include metal boxes and plastic bags. Bulk saffron containers are available in different sizes.

Retail boxes include metal boxes, polycrystal jars, and rectangular polycrystal boxes. They are also available in different sizes which include 1 gram, 3 grams, and 5 grams weight. These retail boxes can be used as gifts.

Your order also is accepted in your desired weight boxes and even with your own brand if it is over 3000 retail boxes order.

Bulk saffron and retail saffron have different prices; bulk saffron has lower prices compared with retail packing because of packing costs.

Bulk saffron orders are delivered in 10-15 working days and it takes 15-20 working days to have your packed saffron.

To experience our saffron quality and build trust you can start purchasing from our minimum order quantity.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5-kilogram bulk.

Orders are shipped by airplane and by air cargo from Tehran international airport.

To give you an idea about the costs please mention that there are fix prices for 200grams to 10-kilo bulk Iran’s customs formalities like 200 to 250 Canadian dollars and depend on the destination and how far is it the carriage varies and should be asked from the cargo airliners.

Payment is possible through advanced payment.

  • Eyjan Iranian saffron After-Sales Support 

We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality. Fortunately, we have been able to respond to our customers very quickly.

Benefits of  Persian Saffron

benefir of persian saffron

currently, scientists found amazing benefits of Saffron.

They found that Saffron has some medicinal properties despite its food consumption.

Improving digestion, curing insomnia, strengthening the cardiovascular system, boosting body metabolism, and being fit are considered some of its medical features.

Researches suggested that the elderly can prevent some health problems such as eye diseases, overweight, and diabetes by drinking cinnamon Saffron tea daily.

The special effort of this Saffron brand is by supplying organic pure Saffron in the food and drug industry to be known as one of the well-known brands in organic products.

Most people in the world know the name of Saffron and its unique medicinal properties. One of the surprising things about Saffron is its price.

Per capita consumption of Saffron in the world is only 14 milligrams (equivalent to just a few Saffron stigmas). The main reason for the low global per capita consumption is the lack of Saffron production.

If Saffron's purpose is to use it in the medicinal product, the use of pure Saffron is highlighted to obtain the best result.

For readers and enthusiasts to be familiar with Saffron's use in the drug industry and treatment, this site addresses some of the routine methods to produce fake Saffron. This kind of information must increase the knowledge of Saffron consumers for the use for medicinal purposes.

According to Eyjan CEO, who is also a Saffron producer, if the consumption of Saffron in medicine is increased, it has remarkable benefits for the community and also for the agricultural sector.

This article introduces the exceptional value of this crop from the point of view of pharmaceutical aspects.

Increasing the per capita level of Saffron consumption in families in Iran and other countries is the largest service to the agriculture of this exceptional product which can help to the employment and the economy of Iran.

This can be effective in developing instructions and reducing the migration of Saffron farmers living in the villages to cities and it is also decreased the depth of poverty and misery.

Iranian saffron  

iranian saffron filed

Iranian saffron is considered the best saffron in the world and has a special place in the saffron market among the saffron produced

by other countries, due to the high quality of the soil in different regions of Iran where Iranian saffron is grown.

Saffron is known as a hardy plant that can withstand heat and extreme cold and can be cultivated everywhere, but the best climate for this plant is valuable for subtropical growth.

Areas, where have hot and dry summers and mild winters, are the best for cultivating the region for Persian saffron.

Among the different areas in which Iranian saffron is cultivated, some areas have richer soil than other areas, and the saffron from these areas and farmlands is not comparable in quality to other Iranian saffron.

In these regions, there is more crocin in the soil, which saffron coloring is due to the presence of this substance, in which case Iranian saffron, Persian saffron obtained from these soils has higher coloring power.

For a saffron plant to grow, it must have environmental conditions such as climate and soil suitable for growing. So the best saffron in Iran grows where these conditions are available.

Currently, Shirvan, Faroj, Neka, Kerman, Kermanshah cities produce the best quality saffron in Iran and are known as the saffron capital for producing and supplying the highest quality saffron. Also, the saffron produced in this city is ranked first in the world in terms of quality and can be said the best Iranian saffron is cultivated in this city

Eyjan saffron company with the help of experts has identified the best areas and farmlands and started cultivating saffron in these cities.

The high quality of Iranian saffron has many customers from different countries every year.

Iran has become a saffron production hub. Due to the high quality of Persian saffron, this valuable spice is exported from Iran to many countries every year.

Saffron is the most valuable spice in the world and although countries like Afghanistan cultivate saffron,  Iran is the capital region of the world's saffron.

Iranian saffron has been fascinated for years by its high quality and exceptional coloring. The reason for this good quality is the favorable soil and climate of Iran, which provides the conditions for the growth of this valuable plant

Statistics show that Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain, and the Persian Gulf countries are among the largest importers of Iranian saffron.

One of the biggest buyers of Persian saffron is UAE. The price of saffron in the UAE is several times of Iran.

About 5% of this product is re-packaged and exported to destination countries after being exported to countries such as UAE and Spain. Spain buys Persian saffron in bulk and packages and exports Iranian saffron with its name to other countries and introduces itself to the world.

  • The largest Iranian saffron importer countries 

Iranian Saffron importers1


Spain is the largest buyer of Iranian saffron. Spain buys Iranian saffron in bulk and then repackages it as "Spanish saffron". That is why Spain is known as the world's largest exporter of saffron.

Some countries buy Persian saffron and, after mixing with impurities, sell it mainly with Iranian packages and even with the standard Iranian brands, to the Persian Gulf, Africa, and China!

UAE is another Iranian saffron importer.

After Spain and the UAE, China is the largest buyer of Iranian bulk saffron.

Recently Afghanistan has become one of the other customers of Iranian saffron.

Afghanistan has begun trading saffron around the world by buying saffron from Iran and selling it as Afghan saffron.

People in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also familiar with the quality of Iranian saffron due to their frequent travel to Iran, and their tendency to buy this product is increasing day by day compared to Spanish saffron.

Persian saffron has varieties that may confuse the buyer and you may don’t know which type of saffron is the right choice for you.

So first we need to be familiar with the varieties of Iranian saffron.


  • Different kinds of Iranian saffron that are produced with EYJAN company

Different Iranian saffron quality

1- Negin(coupe) saffron: Negin saffron is completely red and bulky. Stigmas are tall and thick. Negin saffron is the best type of saffron. The best type of Negin saffron is found at the beginning of the harvest season.

2- Sargol(cut)Saffron: This type of saffron is saffron that is formed after harvesting and drying in a batch. Saffron after being cut, the red part of the saffron is cut and the white parts are cut off by static electricity. Sargol saffron may be the same as Negin saffron but Sargol saffron stigmas are shorter than Negin.

3- Pushal (thread) saffron: This type of saffron contains unbroken strands of saffron and has a larger volume than the Sargol saffron because of curly stigmas. Poushal saffron may have a few yellow parts.

The types of garments vary by the yellow and red sections of each saffron strand.

4- Dasteh(bunch) saffron: This type of saffron includes tall strands of saffron which contains all parts of saffron(red stigmas with white roots) Package types are available in different containers and different sizes.

Bulk saffron containers include metal boxes and plastic bags.

Retail boxes include metal boxes, Polycrystal jars, and rectangular Polycrystal boxes.

All retail boxes are available in 1 gram, 3grams, and 5 grams weight. If your order is over 1000 retail boxes, it is accepted to be packed in your desire weight.

All packages have different prices.

  • The history of Persian Saffron

history of iranian saffron

The history of Iranian saffron cultivation, and its extension in Iran

The Persian Saffron has been commonplace in many parts of Iran's central plateau since ancient times, as some researchers consider the origin of Saffron from a medieval dynasty. In the Achaemenes era, Iranian saffron was used to build perfume and aromatic oils and prepare a special bread for the king's guests. During the Parthian period, Persian Saffron was considered as one of the goods exports to Rome.

At the time of the Arab conquest of Iran, Larkins was used to naming saffron that with the spread of Arabic culture in the Persian dialect, the word was changed to al-Za'fran, and then to its present form, Za'fran. After Arabs, then Iranian Muslims took Andalusia (Spain) in the tenth century, saffron was cultivated in this country.

Subsequently, in the eighteenth century, saffron was cultivated in a region known as Walden in England, and today it is known as Walden Saffron.

After Muslim troops entered India, saffron cultivation was started in Kashmir. Because in the pre-Islamic sources, nothing was mentioned about saffron cultivation and production in this country. Also, saffron has a special value for the people of Egypt, Greece, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims.

Historical evidence suggests that saffron was cultivated in most parts of Iran, especially in central provinces, Hamedan, Isfahan, Fars, Kerman, and Khorasan.

The saffron cultivation is currently limited to Khorasan, Fars, Yazd, Kerman, Semnan, Markazi Province, and Esfahan, and the highest level (98%) of Persian saffron, Iranian saffron cultivation in Iran is mainly in the southern and central cities of Khorasan and some in the Estebahan province of Fars.

Don't worry about buying high-quality Iranian saffron!

One of the concerns of Persian saffron buyers is the purchase of high-quality and pure saffron.

Experience premium and different quality saffron by buying Eyjan saffron.

Eyjan Saffron Company cultivates saffron in different regions of Iran by identifying the most fertile and suitable agricultural areas and farmlands.

Any country that recognizes the value of saffron is looking for Iranian saffron

Eyjan Saffron Company’s work experience in cultivating saffron goes back more than 20 years.

This Company was established in Tehran province in 1998 to improve its packaging business and obtain foreign markets.

After that, we were able to satisfy our customers by obtaining foreign markets and exporting the best quality saffron to many foreign countries.

  • How to keep or store Persian saffron in a safe way 

How to keep or store Persian saffron in a safe way

Do not store saffron in plastic containers and preferably store it in metal or glass containers because it has a much longer shelf life.

So It’s better to buy Iranian saffron in retail boxes to maintain its nutritional value.

Try to keep the container tightly closed and see the air and moisture penetration completely.

Suitable conditions for storing saffron The ideal condition for storing saffron is that it should be protected from light and moisture. The best saffron dishes are metal dishes and then stained glass dishes.

Plastic containers are not suitable for storing saffron.

It is also recommended to consume saffron for a short time after pulverization because its essential oil evaporates faster after pulverization.

Saffron, especially after grinding, should be stored in a glass cup away from light and moisture. Because saffron essential oil (volatile substances) can evaporate if stored improperly, over time, the essential oil evaporates and its medicinal and taste effects are reduced and its quality is lost.

  • Why should use Persian saffron fresh?

The main contributor to the color power of saffron is a compound called crocin. It is one of the few carotenoids found in nature that is readily soluble in water. This solubility is one of the reasons for its widespread use as a coloring agent in food and medicine than other carotenoids. Saffron flavor: The major constituent of the bitter taste in saffron is "glycoside" called "picro crocin", which is soluble in water and alcohol and produces the bitter taste of saffron. Saffron fragrance:

Saffron has a strong and aromatic odor. The smell of Persian saffron is the result of some volatile oils and the essential oils found in this substance. Safranin is the main aromatic substance in saffron and accounts for about 60% of the volatile constituents of saffron.

When using fresh saffron, the main constituents of saffron, including crocin (saffron colorant) and picrocrocin (saffron flavoring agent), have their highest effect. This means that the saffron coloring power, the saffron flavor, and its various properties are all at their highest level.

  • where to buy Iranian saffron?

where to buy Iranian saffron

If you are looking for original saffron and want to get it from its source but unfortunately you do not have the time or opportunity to travel to the villages to make sure of the quality of their products and then compare their prices and problems.

You will be faced with whether or not there is a saffron season, and many saffron farmers are not present in the farmlands in seasons when saffron doesn't need special care and you cannot find them in farmlands.

Check out their product and thousands of other hassles.

We recommend that you get rid of all these problems and get all these services and even more services, at your home by Eyjan saffron site and meet all your needs to provide excellent saffron.

But how?

On the Eyjan Saffron site, in addition to the easy and convenient shopping experience provided to you, we have provided you with several other benefits in this site:

Here you will recognize all types of Persian saffron, their different prices, and easily get the best results with very little time.

And you will be able to get the best saffron you need.

Get ready soon and add the experience of buying saffron from the saffron manufacturer directly to your other life experiences.

The Eyjan saffron company always tries to provide a safer environment for you to purchase saffron from the saffron producer, in addition to enhancing the knowledge of our dear customers, by providing a wide range of useful information.

We guarantee with complete confidence that all our saffron is original and has a laboratory analysis. You can safely purchase and use them.

We are trying to help consumer's health by producing natural saffron.

However, today most food companies make more transgenic products and only think about their own profit.

This is where the broker seller differs from the saffron producer because we supply from our farmland product and we are fully aware of all processes of its production, unlike the intermediary seller who is rarely aware of this.

A transgenic plant is a plant that has received one or more restricted genes from species other than the genetic treasury of that plant through modern molecular genetics and genetic engineering techniques.

We use non-chemical methods such as biological control, mechanical traps, choke and steam, flood irrigation to control pests, insidious animals, and diseases.

The Dangers of Using Inorganic Saffron:

-Allergic reaction

-Unusual taste

-Not suitable for human nutrition

-Biological Weapons

-Decreased efficiency of antibiotics

As a result, it is better to use natural products.

  • How can we recognize the original Iranian saffron?

How can we recognize the original Iranian saffron

How can we recognize an Iranian saffron manufacturer and his brand and more importantly, how we can trust himself and his products!?

It is possible in two ways:

1) trusting a brand is sometimes made through his reputation, for example in a region, a manufacturer is known for good products and good ethics, here in terms of his reputation we trust him and buy his product from him. But this way requires a lot of field research and you have to travel to areas where you know that brand and saffron manufacturer is well-known, which is unlikely to be the way to go.

2) Sometimes we are not sure of fame, but we know the saffron producer company completely by researches, and we know about its crops and the type of crop and all its services and we know what level of saffron producing it is because we are aware of all aspects of his work, we buy from him safely and comfortably. You might say this also is not possible with today's lives. That's why we've made it easy for you to come up with a second option, but put aside the disadvantages that waste your time, so follow us to explain our suggestion:

Nowadays no one travels to the countryside to buy a little amount of saffron and no one buys saffron from the farmer, but the good news is that with the advancement of technology, there is a service that you can find through sites that are highly skilled and up-to-date producers made and managed by the saffron producers safely.

We aim to pay attention to training in food hygiene and control the quality of food healthy and food immunity and using advanced laboratory equipment and tools to control the quality of saffron and standards to ensure continuous customer satisfaction and staff environment health at the critical juncture in the production process.

One of the most important purposes of saffron is the production and supply of Iranian saffron.

Therefore, according to the technical principles of hygiene before and after harvesting, using specialized and experienced contractors, the best scientific and laboratory facilities, produces products that meet the requirements of the latest world standards.

  • Fake saffron at the name of Iranian saffron

fake saffron

The saffron market has become chaotic, as fraudsters buy white stalks of saffron - color it by natural color or carcinogenic and chemicals colors and sell it as saffron and more expensive than the original and high-quality saffron and make a profit.

Currently cheap and low-quality saffron enters the EU via Dubai. The decline in the quality of Iranian saffron in Dubai is as high as the international standards and is accepted by Europe.

Whereas Iranian saffron purchased from Iran has a higher coloring and aroma.

Important tips about counterfeit and original Iranian saffron:

Painting the white parts of the plant with the natural color of Persian saffron is the most respectable method of cheating in the red-gold market that is not easily recognizable to consumers.

Highly skilled professional fraudsters disperse these substances soluble in saffron stigmas and increase the dry weight of saffron, which is not easily recognizable.

Another fraudulent sale of saffron ـ Staining the saffron cream with stigma or synthetic chemical colors. -Adding some ingredients that look similar to saffron stigmas such as safflower. Adding artificial colors to saffron to enhance its color power. To identify the original saffron from fake saffron plants, just pour some of it into a glass of boiling water to separate the color of the saffron from its white stems and expose fraudulent fraud.

The color of the original Iranian saffron is also pale red and the saffron that is bright red is fake.

If you put the saffron strands between the paper and press it a little, it should not leave a greasy stain. If so, it is likely to be fake saffron.

Of course, the beneficiaries of the saffron market mix this product with 50-50 with natural Iranian saffron, and ultimately, for each kilogram of counterfeit saffron they make a lot of profit.

Exporters are confused in this situation and cannot afford to buy a safe and natural product, so saffron exports are disrupted and only the saffron fraudsters benefit from it.

But we are confident that we cultivate our own saffron and supply pure and high-quality saffron. Before purchasing saffron for export, necessarily request or provide a national standard saffron certificate for the buyer.

The saffron market has been vibrant for a long time, as cheaters and fraudsters in the field buy saffron buy white stems of saffron, and color them with chemical colors and sometimes sell it more expensive than natural saffron.

Professional fraudsters dissolve these materials and sprinkle on saffron stigmas. When the saffron flower is dried, the weight of the saffron will increase, which will not be obvious to buyers.

When there is no saffron dealer, the possibility of fraud is reduced to zero, and in addition, the saffron is got by customers at the right price and the farmer makes more profit.

Unfortunately, fraudsters are overrepresented in the market and are offering counterfeit and saffron in a variety of ways. With the Persian saffron dealers, this is a critical issue, and because of the tempting low prices, many people are interested in buying these products.

  • Persian saffron price

Iranian saffron price


Saffron has different prices that have different factors in its price.

Such as the quality of the saffron, the type of saffron, the amount of the saffron you buy, purchasing saffron from saffron dealers or saffron manufacturers, the type of packing.

But the most important factor is the quality of saffron.

Eyjan saffron price is so fair due to its quality because there is no dealer and you buy saffron from the saffron producer.

If you want to buy saffron from Iran at the best price,

Contact us for the exact price.

Mobile/What's App/We chat (+989122386171)

Since saffron is a valuable and expensive plant, some people want to buy it cheaper and less expensive and some fraudsters take advantage of this situation. The most important fraud in buying and selling saffron is mixing two types of saffron, one of which is high quality and the other is low quality. In this case, the saffron is sold as cheap and pure exported saffron.

Eyjan saffron company will certainly send you a sample of Iranian saffron by international postal courier if you want.

It is better to be more than 50 grams because you can see the quality, flavor, and volume of the saffron in addition to the type of saffron.

It is better to be mentioned that we don’t have a free sample policy and the saffron price is added to the international postal courier which is about 150 Canadian dollars for saffron gross weight, not more than 500 grams and saffron net weight until 200 grams.

Persian saffron price determination depends on the type, quality, packing of the saffron, and the agreement between the seller and the buyer. Now due to the rising prices of saffron, it enters the EU markets with lower quality and cheaper than the original Persian saffron.

The declining quality of saffron in Dubai is the same as EU standards and accepted by EU markets. But the color and quality of Iranian saffron are about 3nanometers, which is reduced to 1-2 nanometers in Dubai.

Calculating the saffron price

To calculate the export price of saffron, the original price of each kilogram of saffron is calculated with the cost of customs and air freight. Was.

To give you an idea about the costs please mention that there are fix prices for 200grams to 10-kilo bulk Iran’s customs formalities like 200 to 250 Canadian dollars and depend on the destination and how far is it the carriage varies and should be asked from the cargo airliners.

Why you can trust us as an Iranian saffron company?

why can you trust to deal with Eyjan persian saffron

Due to supplying pure Iranian saffron from first-hand farms such as Qhaenat and Ferdoss in Iran and providing the lowest price Eyjan Saffron has a special place in the market of Iran and other countries.

And because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various brands of Saffron in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and producers.

We believe that we are the best Iranian Saffron brand because Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron and the saffron supplied by us is quite red and it has a production date and expiry date.

Not only are we experienced in our field of work, but we have a brilliant track record in our resume.

We have always made fidelity our priority.

We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality.

The special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered as the best supplier of Iranian Saffron in the world

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