Iranian saffron is the best choice from the past to today

Iranian saffron reigns supreme due to ideal growing conditions in Iran, a long history of expertise, and its rich color, potent aroma, and robust flavor.

Iranian Saffron: The Best Spice You Can Buy

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Eyjan is a reputable saffron producer who has been cultivating Iranian saffron for many years. We guarantee the quality, freshness, taste, and rich properties of our Persian saffron products, which are 100% pure and natural and sold at the fairest prices.

Our team has identified the best farms to cultivate top-quality Iranian saffron and delivers it to a wide range of customers regardless of their location. Although Persian saffron is known for its exemplary quality, we aim to stay at the forefront of the industry and sell the original saffron that is the best among the best ones.

We are ready to provide you with further information and answer all your questions about our Iranian saffron products. Please feel free to contact us through the following ways:

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Why Choose Eyjan to Buy Iranian Saffron? 

Why Choose Eyjan to Buy Iranian Saffron? 


There may be a considerable number of Iranian saffron suppliers around the globe. However, you can only rely on a few self-sufficient companies that produce top-quality products while offering competitive prices for Persian saffron.

Simply put, we meet the highest standards so that you can buy the best saffron from Iran that exceeds your expectations. Below are some of the reasons why Eyjan stands out among all other Persian saffron wholesalers:

Offering the Fairest Price for Persian Saffron

Iranian saffron price

Eyjan is among the saffron companies able to carry out the whole process of Iranian saffron production, from planting to packing. We utilize advanced machinery and consider health principles when processing the saffron in Iran. That’s why we can sell top-level Persian saffron at the most affordable prices compared to any other company. You can buy the highest-quality Iranian saffron directly from the manufacturer and not saffron dealers after contacting Eyjan Group.

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Providing the Best-Quality & Freshest Iranian Saffron 


Our wholesale saffron is 100% pure and natural and comes at the highest quality. You can rest assured that there are no additives in Eyjan saffron, and all products are processed through non-chemical methods. Moreover, delivering fresh saffron cultivated in Iran is our paramount endeavor. That explains why we don’t store our products and strive to supply the freshest Iranian saffron for sale. You can order Persian saffron through our website or the phone number below:

Appropriate Packaging for Persian Saffron Products


Eyjan Persian saffron is sold in beautiful, proper packs that preserve the saffron’s quality, fragrance, and freshness in the best possible way. All in all, we supply Persian saffron that meets both Iranian and international standards. Our saffron containers prevent the air in and saffron strands from breaking. So, you will receive top-value Iranian saffron packed in the most appropriate containers.

After-Sale Support & Customer Service by Eyjan Saffron Company

Iranian Saffron importers

We at Eyjan Iranian Saffron Company have gained a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. Moreover, we ensure all customers get top-of-the-line Persian saffron and feel valued through exceptional after-sale support. Generally speaking, we sell our first-class saffron, which is from Iran, and consider the following principles at the same time:

  • Treating every single customer with exemplary respect
  • Meeting your needs when purchasing Iranian saffron
  • Being honest and transparent about the quality and price of our saffron
  • Focusing on your satisfaction as our valued customers

Our knowledgeable team is always ready to provide you with any required information and answer your questions regarding Persian saffron for wholesale or retail. Do not hesitate to reach out.

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How Much Does Iranian Saffron Cost in 2024?

The price of Iranian saffron in 2024 vary depending on a series of influential factors. Saffron quality, saffron type, and the amount of saffron you are going to buy are the prominent items that impact Persian saffron prices. On the other hand, the cost of wholesale saffron differs from retail saffron in Iran. In general, if you look to buy Persian saffron at lower prices, you would best refer to an Iranian group that harvests and exports saffron itself. Avoid buying Iranian saffron from dealers, as it costs far more. 

We at Eyjan Company prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over money and offer Iranian saffron at the most affordable prices to fulfill such a goal. Whether you aim to buy saffron in bulk or retail Iranian saffron, reach out to our team today. We determine the precise Iranian saffron price considering all the effective factors mentioned above. You can rest assured that you will receive Persian saffron at the best price here at Eyjan Company. Contact us at: 

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Different Types of Saffron We Cultivate & Process in Iran

Iranian saffron different quality

Eyjan is a saffron manufacturer that offers superior saffron sourced from the best local farms in Iran. We value our customer’s experience and guarantee the quality of our Iranian saffron products.

Our team is passionate about introducing Persian saffron to the world, which is incomparable with any other product. We are capable of providing saffron on both retail and wholesale scales. Below, you can discover the list of various types of Iranian saffron we export to the world as a trusted saffron company:

  • Super Negin Saffron: The rare trim and most premium grade of saffron from Iran, known for its fantastic aroma and extensive red color. Super Negin saffron also comes at higher prices compared to the other types. 
  • Negin Saffron: As the name suggests, Negin saffron takes second place after Super Negin in terms of cost and quality. Still, Negin saffron is also one of the highest quality products in our Persian saffron company.
  • Sargol Saffron: If you are looking for a more economical option for purchasing Iranian saffron, Sargol is a perfect alternative. Sargol saffron is less expensive but truly high quality and has a pleasing color. 
  • Pushal Saffron: Wish you could have a more budget-friendly option among our saffron products in Iran. Here is Pushal saffron! It contains the yellow or white part of the strands to a tiny extent, and that’s why it costs you less. 
  • Bunch Saffron: The product includes the whole saffron stigma, along with the yellow and white parts. So, Bunch saffron is excellent for those who want to purchase the most affordable product from an Iranian saffron producer. 
  • Saffron Powder: Saffron Powder has the same fragrance, color, and characteristics as saffron sigma. It is made out of quality Iranian saffron strands, including Super Negin, Negin, and Sargol. You can buy the best Iranian saffron powder here at Eyjan Company. 

We also provide retail Persian saffron in metal boxes, Polycrystal jars, and rectangular Polycrystal boxes. All retail boxes of saffron are exported from Iran and available in 1-gram, 3-gram, and 5-gram weights. 

If your order is over 1000 retail boxes, we will pack them at your desired weight. Iranian saffron packages come at different prices. That’s why we suggest you leave us a message to gain more information in this regard. 

Eyjan Company, Where You Can Buy the Best Saffron from Iran

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Eyjan Saffron Company keeps pace with the best Iranian saffron producers all around the world. We supply the purest saffron from first-hand saffron farms in Iran, such as Qhaenat and Fersoss. We stand out among the rest of the market by offering the most affordable prices for Iranian saffron. With over 20 years of brilliant experience, Eyjan is placed at the top of the list of well-reputed Iranian saffron suppliers all around the globe. 

Fidelity and transparency have always been our paramount priorities. Moreover, we try our best to provide the best after-sale support and customer service as a world-class Iranian saffron company. If you are looking to buy the best saffron in the world from a trusted saffron supplier at an affordable cost, do not hesitate to send us a message at Eyjan Group. 

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