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Eyjan company is an Iran saffron producer ( Iranian saffron manufacturer ) which started its work in 1990 with a small business and few employers.
Now it produces saffron from farm to Processing and Packing independently and with advanced manufacturing technology.
Over the past years by our great efforts and producing high-quality saffron, with commitments to honesty and trust, satisfying our customers, we grew and became a reputable and big-name brand saffron producer company.
As a saffron producer company we do our best to produce premium saffron and we are confident that we have done well so far to our customers’ satisfaction. For more information please contact us.

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saffron manufacturer company  which is one of the best in the world

Eyjan saffron producer  company is the most trusted  saffron company in Iran 

Flowing our commitments, we will constantly work for better services to keep our customers satisfied.
We as an Iranian saffron producer are trying to supply natural and fresh saffron being cautious don’t use any pesticides, fertilizer, and chemical substances.
We are constantly reviewing our production quality, considering the feedback and benefits of new saffron production technology to guarantee our growth.
We as a premium saffron manufacturer from Iran, manufacture 100 percent pure natural 1st class saffron which is health guaranteed to export to our business partners around the world.
Our mission is to deal with our business partners around the world with sustainable support, carefully respond to their inquiries, and consider the fair price and customer care relationship.
Our basic willingness is to supply with great effort in quality control to make our partners meet their exact needs.

Eyjan Iranian saffron company generally produces first-class premium Super Negin Saffron, Negin saffron (coupe saffron), Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron (thread saffron), Bunch Saffron, and saffron Powder all red with high standards.

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Table of contents

Eyjan the Iranian saffron company Performs all stages of saffron production

With the production of our saffron, we have eliminated dealers as much as possible. So this will enable our organization to control the saffron price and you will buy saffron from Iran and a first-hand saffron producer.
Furthermore, by eliminating the dealers the saffron producer company makes enough profit and there is no need to add impurities in saffron, and our saffron price is fair due to its quality compared with the same quality saffron you buy from other Iranian saffron companies.
consequently, you will have guaranteed quality saffron with better services for delivery and other export matters.
Also due to the independence of Eyjan company in all processes of producing Iranian Saffron, It can accept large numbers and quantities of orders and deliver them as soon as possible.
So if you look for a trustworthy first-hand saffron producer from Iran to deal with you are in the right place we are proud to introduce ourselves as a major saffron producer company in Iran.
Don’t hesitate and contact us to have pure and fresh dried saffron with the highest quality and fair price all over the world.
We export saffron to all over the world and we have permanent customers from countries such as Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the USA …etc.
We are proud to announce that we are ready to start partnerships around the world and we will support our business partners with our premium saffron, you can count on our fast responses, honesty, and trust.
If you are a serious distributor and decide to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.
Have your wholesale Saffron from the first-hand saffron producer from Iran.
Our Persian Saffron is 100% Natural, Pure with High Standard.
We are more than a saffron producer and are building a healthy world by producing very high-quality saffron. We guarantee our productions, with honesty and commitments.

Our Saffron Company produces the highest quality saffron

producing high standards iranian saffron

 As a saffron manufacturer from Iran, we are armed with the latest Lab equipment and fully trained personnel to avoid any misconduct in our business.
Let us simply tell you that we are more than a saffron manufacturer from Iran because we are building a healthy world.
We are aware that consumers use saffron, especially for their health and treatments, consequently, it’s our priority to make sure that our product is produced to high standards.
Given the fact that we are not advertising against our competitors but we are stressing that our look and vision is not only the benefit and we have a broad vision to the people as our end consumers.
Eyjan Iranian saffron manufacturer is committed to custody to help its business partner sustain development and growth. Your concern is our priority to deal with, you are never alone in our business partnership.

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saffron producer from Iran in global saffron production

Iran share of saffron market 2021

Saffron producer countries 

Saffron producer Countries in the world by the saffron companies. Saffron companies usually own farms and processing saffron manufacturers.
Although, there are no exact statistics on the saffron amount and the number of countries producing saffron, generally, global saffron production in the world including also the consumption of saffron producer companies from Iran is estimated at 500 tons.
Countries such as Morocco, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, America, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are also considered saffron producers that account for about 15 percent of the global saffron production.
Iran is considered the first saffron producer with many huge saffron companies.
Iran produces 98% of the world's saffron due to many saffron farms in Iran there are also many Iranian saffron producer companies producing saffron as well.
In addition, most of the Saffron amount produced in Afghanistan is also imported to the Iran market and sold as Saffron produced in Iran. Based on the incomplete statistics, the amount of Saffron production in Iran is estimated at 400 tons.
Eyjan saffron company also is one of the key companies and is well known as a pioneer saffron producer from Iran since 1990 which is famous as a saffron export company in the region.
Our company is responsible for constant quality observations, and we are also a saffron wholesaler.
In terms of quantity and quality, Iran ranks first among the largest saffron producers in the world even though there are no detailed statistics on the world's saffron production.
But, according to estimates,  Iran's saffron producers are producing about 95 percent of the total production of saffron in the world.
In addition, most of the saffron production amount from IRAN is also imported by other counties' saffron wholesalers to Afghanistan or other countries' markets and sold as Afghan saffron in the international market due to IRAN imposed sanctions by the USA.
Eyjan Saffron company not only processes the saffron from farm to ready-to-consumption saffron but also manufactures the packing in many sizes.
Based on the incomplete statistics, the amount of saffron production in Iran is estimated at 500 tons in 2019.
Annually, about 150 tons of 350 tons are transferred to other countries every year in various forms of suitcase trade by saffron producers, travelers, tourists, pilgrims, or traffickers without registering the amount of it in many places.

saffron producer company  and The saffron market is booming according to huge potential demand


Saffron producers production which manufactures saffron  in a  traditional way 

Saffron production in the traditional way requires a large labor force but our saffron company by using the new engineering technological instruments not only made the process hygienic but also made it more cost-benefit in harvesting, as well as, the perennial plant of saffron has not a great product to harvest, after one and second-year age of planting.

saffron consumption

On the other hand, the lower the supply and the greater demand for saffron at international markets have caused the price of this product to be very expensive. But in the world, especially Iranian saffron producers are considering a lucrative product.
Saffron is recognized as the most expensive spice and its production is without government bans in most countries, and its consumption is legal. It has international fame as the "Red Gold" of the agricultural sector and a strategic spice in Iran.
Most people in the world know the name of saffron and its unique medicinal properties. One of the surprising things about Saffron is its price. Per capita consumption of saffron in the world is only 14 milligrams (equivalent to just a few saffron stigmas). The main reason for the low global per capita consumption is the lack of saffron production and its high price.

Saffron producer company from Iran produces the best quality and 100 % pure natural saffron

What is the main cause of this fraud in the supply of saffron?

On the other hand, there is a massive demand for saffron consumption, and the low production and supply of it in the world are considered as the main reasons for fraud in the supply of saffron products to domestic and foreign markets.
It is easy to produce fake saffron by direct and indirect spraying the eatable or even saffron color to the white saffron roots by the fraud intention.
In many cases saffron wholesaler is responsible for such fraud, they buy the saffron roots at 1/15 the price of saffron and then paint them with saffron spray and mix it with pure saffron if you search you will easily notice that some saffron wholesaler sell saffron at very cheap price comparing the commodity market price!
In much of the saffron available in international markets mostly in India, Dubai, Pakistan Iraq, turkey, or even Afghanistan, saffron companies are committing such unethical fraud.
If there is a way to penetrate in production, processing, packaging, standardization, and inspection of saffron then the saffron company could commit fraud. Such fraud can be occurred in selling most the products including butter, sugar, milk powder, wheat, barley, corn, vegetable oil, or even medicine.
If the purpose of saffron purchase is the use of it in the medicinal product, the use of pure saffron is highlighted to obtain the best result in medicine, herbal purification, and treatments.

In other countries saffron companies fraud with plant origin


The use of safflower, aristocratic or evergreen flowers, and turmeric rhizomes instead of Saffron stigmas are called fraud with plant origin. It has been a common method of cheating in the past.
For this fraud, Saffron colors may be separated from the flags of the safflower flower may be separated and then colored with Saffron colors.
To distinguish the pure Iranian Saffron, especially for the medicinal product, the Saffron should be placed on a clean glassy surface and each of the damaged Saffron stigmas that have funnel form should be counted.
If the number of these Saffron stigmas is less than 10% of the total number of Saffron filaments in one gram, Saffron is free of fraud with plant origin, or else it is cheated and should be avoided buying it.
we are the saffron company and produce pure natural saffron

How to avoid buying fake Saffron from fake saffron producers:

1. Buying the main Saffron Thread (Poushal) or Bunch Saffron (Daste) from the farmers of the village where Saffron is cultivated.
2. Buying the main Bunch Saffron from reputable Saffron sellers in the areas where Saffron is cultivated.
3. Awareness of the appearance, aroma, taste, and color of Saffron. Dark red Saffron is not suitable for medicinal purposes.
Broken Saffron, with other impurities that can be noticed easily, are also not suitable

The 3 easiest ways to identify fake Saffron from original saffron:
The first and  very important   hint is not to buy saffron from unknown farmers only buy from saffron producers who are valid saffron companies in Iran
The easiest way to detect impure Saffron is to provide boiling water that is usually available anywhere in Saffron areas or anywhere in the market, and the demand for one small cup of boiling water or carrying a small flask with yourself is not difficult.
To run this simple test, you must ask the seller to give the Saffron that you want to buy it.

Then take about 20 threads from it and place them inside the cup of boiling water. Just 50 cc of boiling water is necessary to acquire the best result of the experiment.
With pure Saffron, you will see the threads slowly releasing a golden hue not immediately.
It can take around 10 minutes for the cup of water to turn completely yellow.
Take the Saffron threads from the boiling water if some or some of them completely lost their color and whitened, then the Saffron is fake and contains other ingredients.
In such circumstances, you should not discuss with the seller that your Saffron is not genuine because in the business market, there is no right for the customers and you should avoid the conflict. If your purpose is to use Saffron for medicinal drugs, never buy fake Saffron.
The second method is also very simple. You should take about ten threads of Saffron that you want to buy and thoroughly chop it on a surface of a clean white paper. identify fake Saffron clean white paper

Then again by using boiling water, but this time it is not necessary 50 ccs of boiling water, even by a few drops of boiling, you can confirm the Saffron purity.
Pour a few drops of boiling water on the chopped Saffron and wait a few minutes, the main Saffron hue is released after a few minutes, and the red color od it is near bright red or yellow, if you saw some parts of the chopped Saffron threads that are white, there is also the possibility of fraud, so the purchase of this Saffron should be avoided.
A third method for identifying fake Saffron is simply to test the aroma, taste, and color of Saffron. To distinguish the taste of Saffron, you should place a few Saffron threads in your mouth and if the taste is a bit bitter, this product can be pure Iran Saffron.
On the other hand, after three minutes, if the red color of those Saffron threads changed to yellow, it can be the second sign of Saffron purity.
It should be noted that after three minutes if the color of saffron threads or some parts of them changed to white color, this kind of Saffron is fake.
The pure Saffron has a special aroma as soon as the lid of the special container for it is opened then the unique aroma of it fill the twenty to thirty square meters of the store, and this aroma and odor can be smelled from a distance of one hundred meters in the Saffron market.
The main color of the Saffron is also bright red if the Saffron in a package has dark red, this Saffron is not original or fresh and it is not suitable for medicinal purposes.
Another important point in Saffron color is that sellers always put the best kind of Saffron behind the store window, but the kind of Saffron that they sell is not the same.
In addition, with yellow light and its reflection on the eye-catching packages of Saffron, a wave of magnificence for the customer is created. As a result, it is vital to be aware of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of Saffron.
The knowledge and experience of the Iranian saffron producers should be employed for purchasing the pure Saffron, or else the health of consumers is endangered by various types of chemicals and ingredients added to Saffron.

Purchasing of genuine Saffron

Fortunately, with little experience or simple and immediate tests, the pure Persian Saffron, with its unique aroma, flavor, and color, can be distinguished easily from fake Saffron.
It's far easier than checking the purity of honey. It can be said that 80% of the honey in Iran's market is the victim of fraud or at least the use of excess sugar has been used to feed the bees or in other words, sugar is deformed to produce honey but it should be mentioned that it is likely that twenty to thirty percent of Saffron available in Iran's market has been subjected to one of the frauds described.
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Why should you buy directly from an Iranian saffron manufacturer?

Saffron Rexport

We are faced with a lot of problems in the Third World, Iran is the world's first organic saffron producer.
Purchasing pure Saffron should be possible in Iran, not in Europe, the UAE, or Saudi Arabia, which annually produces several hundred kilograms of carcinogenic ingredients as Saffron.
They imported this kind of Saffron from unknowable Hajjis that they want to buy a souvenir from Saudi Arabia for their families and relatives.
The main purpose of these countries is to destroy the cultivation of Saffron in Iran. Therefore, the cheap price of Saffron anywhere in the world can be a sign of impure Saffron. Each gram of chemical called Saffron is a thousand Tomans, any other product that is cheap and has no flavor and color properties as described in the above tests is not Saffron. It has not been valued for
medical purposes and it is also harmful and carcinogenic.
In addition, Increasing the per capita level of saffron consumption in families in Iran and other countries is the largest service to the agriculture of this exceptional product which can help to the employment and the economy of Iran.
This can be effective in developing instructions and reducing the migration of saffron farmers living in the villages to cities and it is also decreased the depth of poverty and misery.

Application of saffron in medicinal products

medical usage of saffron

For readers and enthusiasts to be familiarized with the use of saffron in the drug industry and treatment, this site addresses some of the routine methods to produce fake saffron. Such information must increase the knowledge of saffron consumers for the use for medicinal purposes.
According to the Eyjan organization, which is also an Iranian saffron producer, if the consumption of saffron in medicine is increased, it will impact a very remarkable benefit for the world of health and also for the agricultural sectors. Saffron companies and saffron wholesalers have the main role to attract the population's attention to the saffron benefits.
The saffron you buy should be fresh and no additives such as other herbs should be mixed with it. There are some methods to distinguish pure saffron.
Put one of the saffron strands on your tongue. If you have a sweet taste in your mouth, this is fake saffron. This saffron is impregnated with sugar or honey. The original saffron is slightly bitter or sometimes tasteless.
Another surefire way to distinguish genuine saffron is its aroma if you know the smell of saffron.
The original saffron fragrance is very exciting and warm. The fresher the saffron, the smell is sharp.
Saffron stigmas are not originally glossy. If so, fat is added to it to increase its weight.

Eyjan saffron company's products quality is proven to the professionals

biggest saffron producer in the world

high standard Iranian saffron

The effective results of Saffron cultivation can be achieved in special tropical areas which have the dry warm summer and mild winter.
Due to its climate factors, Iran is the biggest Saffron supplier in the world and Persian saffron has the best and the highest quality in the world.
Iran is the world’s first largest saffron producer and Saffron exporter but nowadays it has other competitors.
Over recent years, some countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Morocco started to cultivate and produce Saffron.
By conducting various research projects about this priceless plant, Eyjan Saffron supplies the best and highest Saffron's quality from special farms in Qaenat, Ferdoss, Sarayan, and Birjand to achieve the customers’ satisfaction.
Our team mainly deals with Organic and Pure Iranian Saffron. Eyjan Saffron wants to be a leader in medicinal herbs and food products in bulk and packing.
It's our pleasure to supply our customers with their special ordered quality, packing or bulk.
If you are going to buy saffron from Iran and you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company, you are in the right place.

Contact us for the exact price of saffron and free consultation.

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What is natural farming and saffron producer manufacturing?

saffron producer manufacturing natural saffron

Natural farming is a form of agriculture that does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and alterations, and genetic manipulation in the production and processing of its products, and all processes of soil enhancement, planting, and harvesting using natural inputs such as biofertilizer, Composts, beneficial insects, efficient microorganisms (EM).
Few Iranian saffron companies produce natural saffron. Since the higher profit from cultivating conventional saffron, most of the saffron producers prefer to cultivate conventional saffron.
Also due to the great demand for saffron all over the world and the lower production of this crop, most of the saffron manufacturers cultivate conventional saffron which has more return but we are against most of the saffron manufacturers, cultivating natural saffron because we are not just salesman.
we love our business and mind customer satisfaction. We will compensate for our low profit with our high supply.
We mainly use non-chemical methods such as biological control, mechanical traps, choke and steam, and flood irrigation to control pests, insidious animals, and diseases.
The basic quality of Saffron after production depends on the processing, packaging, and storage conditions to achieve the desired result in the treatment
of diseases. Due to its effective ingredients containing the aroma, flavor, and color, Saffron should be kept in special conditions and containers.
The best temperature for keeping Saffron is at a cool temperature from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of less than 30 percent. Also, the Saffron storage environment should be completely dark. At high temperature and relative humidity of more than 30% moisture, Saffron that absorbs the humidity over time its color, qualitative and quantitative properties are reduced for medicinal purposes.

Botanical Specification of Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron specifications

Crocus Sativus L. is called cultivated Saffron; it’s a type of Saffron that belongs to the Iridaceae family. Nowadays Persian Saffron product has been known as the most expensive and prized seasoning in the whole world and has different implications in modern and traditional cookery, the Food industry, Pharmacy, Textile and dying, Painting, and Perfuming industry as well.
Persian Saffron cultivation has historical antiquity in Iran country.
Scientists and researchers had known Iran as the provenance of the Saffron.
Despite there being no accurate statistics of planting this product in Iran, but unofficial statistics indicate that the annual product of Saffron is about 400 tons, and referring to this fact there is no doubt that Iran is the first producer of this product in the world.
Following post-doctoral research of Natigham University which took 5 years and broadcasting research results in the second international conference of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, the Quality of Iran’s Saffron is considered as the highest classification in comparison to the other producer in the world.
The height of this planet is about 14 to 40 cm which is mostly the height of leaves from the ground; this plant has a very strong bulbous and is covered by a brown fiber membrane which is called a corm, the roots of this plant is bush and clump as well.
The specific feature of cultivation of this product has been announced and written by writer and published by Isfahan Nasooh publication for the first time.
Saffron cultivation has an exclusive place, but due to the lack of research disbursement for saffron in Iran Ministry of Science, lack of research and development corresponding to inimitable medicinal properties of saffron and cultivated feature of this plant in agricultural ministry and governmental organization.
Which has the whole budget for researches, lack of planning for systematizing saffron import and export in management and planning organization, lack of support from the government in knowledge and innovation and required technology for saffron, lack of recognizing cultivation techniques by saffron experts in planting and harvesting.
Persian Saffron has two stems, aerial stem is very shiny and green which is ends with one or several complex flowers together that arise from the seedling on the corm.
The length of the gramineous stem is various and based on the depth of cultivation varies from 10 to 30 cm this stem protects and keeps the Saffron flowers and petals to develop without any barrier directed to the ground. Saffron has another stem which is a figure, hard, circle, small, and likely to Gladiolus corm, its flat in the base and figure like a pitcher and linear on the top of it.
The size of Saffron corm is varying from hazel size to coarse walnut. Mostly the size depends on the compression of corm on the farm, soil fertility circumstances, pattern, and contexture of the soil, and intensity or weakness of weed grows.
The number of Saffron flowers depends on the size of the corm, in the case that the farm is old and leading to the poverty of food elements corms turn to the tiny size and the number of flowers will decrease in the following year.
Development and appearance of Saffron flowers are considered to be the first irrigation and vary from time to time and mostly appear in a period of 15 to 20 days in November and December. The appearance of the flowers gradually increases and we can see the peak of the flowering season in 6 to 8 days.
Saffron leaves are narrow, linear, and covered by the dark green color that can be found after the flower's appearance. In the circumstance that the irrigation is done earlier before the proper time of the first irrigation or in the first year that there is no flower and the leaves of Saffron had been grazed by rabbits or sheep, you cannot expect to have flowers since at this condition we have only the appearance of the leaves.
Due to the experimental methods, the main factor which affects directly the rate is the health and bulkiness of the stigmas, the freshness of Saffron always affects its fragrance.

Required authorization and permission for exporting Iranian Saffron

Exporting Eyjan Iranian wholesale saffron details One of the most important regulations that the government codified for this precious product which we call the “Red Gold”, forcing the trader to obtain certificates and licenses which lead to prove only pure and high-quality Iranian Saffron is permitted to be export. Considering these regulations, jobber brokers and any agent would not be able to ruin the well-known reputation of Iranian saffron producers and their productions.
One of the nominated licenses is related directly to the ministry of Health and Medical Education which is known as the Health certificate and Standard certificate issued by the Institute of standards and industrial research. At the same time is it mandatory that any person or export company apply for obtaining a commercial card from the Iran chamber of commerce before proceeding with the export of Saffron.

Eyjan saffron company and details of ordering from it

Diffrent kinds of iranian saffron

The Iranian saffron is divided into 4 categories which all these 4 types are produced by the Eyjan saffron company.
1. Negin saffron: This is the best kind of saffron that has the best quality and the highest coloring power. It includes tall, thick, and all red stigmas.
Negin saffron is classified into 3 degrees:
Super Negin (5% broken stigmas)
Exported Negin(10%broken stigmas)
Normal Negin(15% broken stigmas)
All Negin saffron is supplied with a minimum fracture rate.
2. Sargol saffron: Similar to Begin saffron, Sargol saffron has no yellow part but the only difference between them relies on the size of stigmas.
3. Pushal saffron: includes tall, little curly stigmas, and may have 1_4 millimeters yellow parts.
4_Dasteh saffron: Half of the bunch of saffron is made up of yellow parts.
Different kinds of saffron have different prices. We want to everybody use this precious spice.
It should be noted that all kinds of saffron have the same properties. They are different in the power of coloring which is reduced in order from Super Negin saffron to Dasteh saffron.
All types of saffron are produced naturally by Eyjan saffron. We assure you that no pesticide is added to our farmland.
We as a saffron manufacturer from Iran produce all kinds of saffron in our company with very high quality and purity.
We produce saffron in a completely organic way and we guarantee that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be used during the cultivation of saffron on our farmlands.
Please note that Due to the united sated imposed sanction on IRAN the auditing companies are not able to audit and grant organic certificates and this is with depriving us to prove our claim in the international market.
Few saffron manufacturers in the world produce organic saffron even in Iran which is the biggest saffron producer in the world.
Since the higher profit of cultivating conventional saffron, most of the Iranian saffron manufacturers prefer to produce conventional saffron and due to the great demand for saffron all over the world and the lower production of this crop most of the saffron manufacturers and other countries cultivate conventional saffron which has more returns but we against the most of the saffron manufacturers from Iran, cultivate organic saffron because we are not just salesman. We love our business and mind customer satisfaction.

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Eyjan saffron manufacturer company has different types of packing available

Different types of packaging are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs.
We regularly change our design to respond to our customers’ needs to grow.
Packing: Bulk saffron orders are packed in metal containers or plastic bags of different weights at the customer's request.
Retail (gift) boxes include metal boxes, Poly-crystal jars, and Poly-crystal rectangular boxes in different sizes which are 1gram, 3grams, and 5grams containers.
For more than 1000 boxes of saffron retail orders, the packaging is accepted in boxes of your choice and also with your brand.
Different containers have different prices; wholesale saffron is cheaper than retail saffron but packed saffron is more beneficial for the saffron wholesalers.

Eyjan Iranian saffron manufacturer company export

Eyjan saffron is a saffron company that is not only a saffron wholesaler but also a saffron manufacturer.
It means we have owned the farmlands in different parts of Iran under our observation to assure the highest quality and purity.
We are proud to inform you that we as an Iranian saffron manufacturer produce a different category of premium saffron that are available with a large capacity like 80 Tons each year and can be ordered in bulk and retail boxes.
You will order to have the contract and invoice then after your approval, we will request you to deposit the total invoice cost in our account in the Canadian dollar in Canada.
Normally the saffron business is advance payment but can be negotiated to divide 50% advance and other 50% at the time of the ready to send the customs in Iran along with the draft of air bill cargo
You can have pure, fresh, and high-quality saffron in luxurious boxes with the lowest price and our service of delivery is as soon as possible to all over the world.
Orders are shipped by airplane and by air cargo from Tehran international airport. All the affairs are carried out legally.
Normally depends on your quantity of order takes from 5 days to 45 days to deliver your saffron to your international airport before the destination customs in the airport.
Bulk saffron orders are delivered in 15-20 working days and it takes 30-45 working days to have your packed saffron.
To experience our saffron quality and build trust you can start purchasing from our minimum order quantity. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 kilogram.
To give you an idea about the costs please mention that there are fixed prices for 200grams to 10-kilo bulk Iran’s customs fatalities like 200 to 250 Canadian dollars and depend on the destination and how far is it the carriage varies and should be asked from the cargo airliners.
We guarantee that your saffron will reach you as fast as possible with the very best service.

the production price of Iranian saffron producer 

Always the customer’s first question is about the price. Various factors are involved in the price of saffron, including the type of saffron, quality, packing, and purchasing saffron from the manufacturer or intermediaries.
Depending on these factors, different saffron sellers may have higher or lower prices for their saffron compared with other saffron sellers.
There are lots of Iranian saffron wholesalers that since they are not Iranian saffron producers and they have to buy their saffron from other saffron suppliers.
In this case, the quality and the price of saffron supplied by these saffron suppliers are different from buying saffron from the Iranian saffron producer.
They buy saffron at certain times of the year and store the saffron, in addition to harming farmers, it also makes the saffron more expensive on the other hand it’s not clear how long they hold the saffron and the saffron they supply belongs to several months and years ago and expires.
In this case the saffron ages and becomes old. Furthermore, the saffron while passing from these processes and several dealers’ hands may be broken.
One of the benefits of buying saffron directly from a saffron company from Iran that manufactures saffron itself is removing brokers and middlemen. So you can buy saffron at a lower price than buying the same quality saffron from other saffron companies which just do wholesale saffron.
Since we are a saffron manufacturer, our saffron price is lower due to its high quality. Because there is no intermediary dealer in between, buying from us is like buying saffron from a farmer. So if you find the same quality saffron in other saffron companies you will not be able to buy it at this price.
You may deal with saffron wholesalers which although they are not saffron manufacturers from Iran and buy saffron from other saffron companies, and have the same price or even lower price than a saffron producer. There can be no reason other than that they mix impurities with their saffron. You should be cautious not to be deceived.
Unfortunately, producing saffron in most cases is non-standard without observing the health principles and most of the saffron supplied in the market is fake, inferior, or low-quality.
Due to the saffron statistics, the fake saffron owns 80percent of the saffron.
Some fraudsters buy saffron roots or corn stigmas, color and mix them with pure saffron then sell them as high-quality saffron. There is another way that fraudsters use and it's adding water, sugar, honey, or a type of fat to the saffron to make it heavier. This impurity is not easily recognizable to the eye.
This is recognizable in the laboratory but the problem is that people don’t carry lab equipment while buying saffron.
But there are some methods to distinguish high-quality saffron from fake ones as we explained earlier in this article
In Eyjan company all the hygiene tips and standards are compiled and we have multiple ISOs as a saffron company.
We don't store saffron in our company. After selling our saffron we buy saffron as needed from farmers on whose farmland we monitor. Consequently, we supply fresh saffron and also support the farmers.

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why can you trust to deal with Eyjan Persian saffron

Eyjan company is a leading Iranian saffron exporter and saffron manufacturer that started its work To produce Iranian saffron in 1990 in Iran.
We have always tried our best to provide the highest quality of saffron to our customers and we are confident that we have done well so far with our customers' satisfaction and will do our best to keep our customers satisfied.
If you look for a reliable first-hand saffron business partner we recommend you to start with our company and feel the honesty and trust in your business.
Due to supplying pure saffron from first-hand farms such as Qhaenat and Ferdoss in Iran and providing the lowest price Eyjan Saffron has a special place in the market of Iran and other countries.
And because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various brands of Saffron in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and saffron producers from Iran.
We believe that we are the best Iranian Saffron brand because Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron and the saffron supplied by us is quite red and it has a production date and expiry date.
Not only are we experienced in our field of work, but we have a brilliant track record in our resume.
We will give very good and reliable services to our worldwide partners. We always welcome your offer to be our distributor in your country and will equip you with the best products to serve your retail consumers.
We have always made fidelity our priority.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality.
The special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered as the best saffron supplier of Iranian Saffron in the world.

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An Exclusive Interview With The Iranian Saffron Manufacturer

With sanctions hitting Iran hard, many businesses have had to reconsider their operations there. One such business is the Iranian saffron manufacturer. Located in the city of Isfahan, this company produces a valuable spice that is used in many traditional Iranian dishes. In this exclusive interview, we spoke with the owner of the company about his experiences and what he has seen during the recent sanctions. Hear about how the company has coped and what he expects in the future.

What is saffron?

Saffron is a dried flower belonging to the crocus family of plants. The colour comes from a natural dye called carmin. Saffron threads are often used in Asian cooking, particularly in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is also known for its intense, spicy taste and distinctive aroma.

How is saffron made?

The Iranian saffron producer is one of the oldest in the world and has been known for its high quality saffron since antiquity. The production process begins with harvesting the flowers, which are then dried in the sun. Once dried, the stigmas are removed and the threads are separated. Next, the threads are cleaned and dyed with a natural dye before being sold to manufacturers.

What are the benefits of saffron?

The global market for saffron is expected to grow from $2.7 billion in 2018 to $5.8 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.1%. Saffron has been recognized as a key ingredient in various culinary traditions and is considered a valuable spice. In addition to its culinary applications, saffron has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

One of the main benefits of saffron is that it can be used as a natural colorant and flavor enhancer in food. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the symptoms of Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, asthma, and others. Saffron also helps improve blood circulation and protect against heart disease.

Who is the best manufacturer of saffron in Iran?

Iran is the world’s top producer of saffron, a spice derived from the crocus flower. Saffron is a expensive spice and its production is concentrated in Iran because of high labor costs and a dry climate that helps to preserve the flowers. The Iranian saffron manufacturer, which we spoke to, produces about two-thirds of the world’s saffron and has been doing so for over 150 years.

The manufacturer, which we will call Fazel Industries, has 10 factories across Iran and employs around 4,000 people. The main reason for Iran’s dominance in the saffron industry is due to its favourable climate and low cost of labor. Workers at Fazel Industries earn about $2 per day, which is significantly lower than wage rates in other countries. This makes it possible for Fazel Industries to produce high-quality saffron at an affordable price.

Iran also has a long history of producing spices such as saffron. Saffron was first cultivated in Persia (now Iran) in antiquity and was heavily relied upon by the Persians for culinary purposes. Today, Iranians continue to consume large quantities of saffron dishes each year. In fact, Iranians are so passionate about saffron that they have even created their own style of cooking called “SaffRONi cuisine” which incorporates lots of spices into traditional Persian dishes.


In this exclusive interview, we speak with the Iranian Saffron Manufacturer about their history, production process, and future goals. We learn a lot about how saffron is sourced and produced in Iran, and what plans they have for the future. Thanks to our conversation with the Iranian Saffron Manufacturer, you will be able to gain a better understanding of this valuable spice and its importance in global culinary trends.