How to buy Iranian saffron from Iranian accredited company which is very safe international company

Is united state of America’s sanctions effecting your customers?

No, Not at all.Our bank account is in other country and not in Iran, you do not send the money to Iranian bank account but your saffron comes from IRAN to your country international airport and has nothing to do with sanctions. We are even sending saffron to California and our buyers are easily release their saffron from custom department in the airport, the sanction is about buying oil and money transfer to Iranian banks

You are in the country that can’t deal with Iran like Saudi Arabia, USA, Egypt, Jordan,Bahrain … ETC, how do we have Iranian saffron?

We deal with all countries in the world but some countries that have such restrictions we send the saffron indirectly from other countries, the carriage and documentation does not show the saffron comes from Iran, our account is also in country which is different from Iran.

payment method

How is the payment Method and Term of delivery?

Saffron business is normally advance payment method and the term is CIF or CFR. It means we Iran customs formalities , pay the carriage cost and deliver the saffron to your  nearest international airport in your city before your country custom organization, it means its your responsibility to release your saffron from the custom organization.


How much is minimum order that you accept?

The minimum order is 1 kilo/gram bulk or in 1000 box of 1 gram

Does your company produce saffron in boxes with our own brand and private label?

Yes, this is the service that we do but your minimum order should address the expenses(cost) of the printing manufacture and packing process. MOQ would be 3 kilo/grams in 1-gram box.


 pure saffron

How to avoid buying fake saffron, saffron should be purchased from its production center as follows:


  1. Buy your saffron from  accredited company who are responsible and professionals with business ethics.
  2. Please don't search on line for local saffron stores because they are making old expired saffron mixed with your saffron to make it cheaper to compete.
  3. Don't look for cheap saffron , Buy pure natural very high quality saffron and pay for the quality , when you pay for the pure natural saffron then the sealer may consider that should sell the high standard saffron.
  4. Saffron it self with out crashing it will not give color in normal temperature water, if it gives red color it means it is the fake saffron.
  5. Normality you have two option to get the saffron color 1- put the sigma in boiled water let it heat for 15 minute 2- the best option is make it powder then put is in boild water and let it stow and you will get the best of saffron
  6. Awareness of the appearance, aroma, taste, and color of saffron. Dark red saffron is not suitable for medicinal purposes. Broken saffron, with other impurities that can be noticed easily, are also not suitable.



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