Sargol saffron

sargol saffron from IRAN  EYJAN company Sargol saffron is the highest quality and most consumed type of saffron.
This high consumption encourages many profiteers to use various ways to produce and sell counterfeit saffron.
Also, many methods are offered to determine the authenticity and purity of Sargol saffron, but the best is to buy from reputable saffron brands.
Iran is not only the largest producer of saffron in the world but also the highest quality types of saffron are produced in Iran.
Eyjan Company is one of the most reputable suppliers of Iranian saffron, which produces saffron from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging independently.
In this case, by eliminating intermediaries, you can buy saffron with guaranteed quality and production price.
You can also be assured of the quality of our products, by checking them in person at our office in Tehran or ordering a sample.
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Table of contents

What is Sargol saffron?
Sargol saffron types
Sargol saffron features
Preparing Sargol saffron
Uses of Sargol saffron
Sargol saffron benefits
Fake saffron saffron
Sargol saffron price
Why should I buy Sargol saffron from Eyjan Company?
  Buying saffron from the farmer
  Eyjan guarantees its product's quality
  Eyjan offers the most reasonable price
  Eyjan cultivates organic saffron
  Eyjan products packaging

What is Sargol saffron?

What is Sargol saffron?



Types of saffron, depending on what part of the saffron string they are composed of (stigma, cream, root), are known by different names: Negin saffron, Super Negin saffron, Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron, Daste/Bunch saffron, and Konj.

Negin and Sargol are both pure and completely obtained by separating red saffron stigmas from Daste/Bunch saffron, the stigmas are separated and the roots are cut, in this stage, some of the stigmas may become broken.
Then they are classified and dried according to the size and color of the stigma.
Negin and Super Negin saffron are the most luxurious types of saffron that are composed of larger stigmas without breakage.
The main difference between the Sargol saffron and Negin saffron families is the presence of fractures in Sargol saffron strings and the possibility of the presence of saffron powder in it.
Sargol saffron with the same properties, flavor, and color is also a very high-quality product that is sold at a fairer price.
Due to the presence of yellow and white parts in Pushal Saffron, and the high price of Negin Saffron s many consumers prefer Sargol saffron. Sargol saffron has the highest number of customers due to its high quality, and high amount of crocin which is the reason for its high coloring power, fair price, and its abundance throughout the year.
Sargol saffron product that the Eyjan company provides has high quality and color because it is composed of all red pure saffron stigmas and does not contain root and cream parts.

Sargol saffron types

The grading and price of Sargol saffron vary depending on the thickness, length, color of the stigmas, and the presence or absence of broken stigmas.
There is a range of types of Sargol saffron from Sargol with thinner and shorter strands, to first-class Sargol saffron with strands as thick and long as Negin saffron strands.
In general, in Sargol saffron, as much as:
  • The length of the stigmas is longer
  • The broken and crushed stigmas are fewer
  • The strings are thicker
Its quality is higher and has more value in the market.
Eyjan Company prepares different types of Sargol saffron according to customer needs.

Sargol saffron features


Sargol saffron features• Appearance characteristics

1. The strings are completely separate.
2. It is completely red. The saffron Style and Roots are separated and the stigmas are yellow and white without any particles.
3. The length of the stigmas is relatively short.

• High coloring power

The color of saffron is 210 to 270 USP, which is very high. The best coloring grade for this type of saffron is 270 USP that is related to the amount of a substance called crocin which is responsible for the color of saffron
• Unique aroma

Sargol has the highest and most special saffron because of its level of Safranal.
• Special flavor

Original saffron has a special taste that is a little bitter and that's because of its ingredient Picrocrocin.
The stated characteristics are for the first-class Sargol saffron that is available at Eyjan saffron company.

Sargol saffron that we offer has the following standards:
1. Crocin (staining power) approx. 205-265
2. Safranal (taste and smell) about 38
3. picrocrocin (bitterness) about 95
4. humidity below 8%

Preparing Sargol saffron

sargol saffron 6This type of saffron is obtained by sieving and cleaning the saffron of Pushal saffron or Bunch saffron.
in this process Roots and creams completely removes and only saffron stigmas remain.
In the process of producing Sargol saffron from Pushal saffron or Bunch saffron, the stigmas may break or powder.
Therefore, in this type of saffron, some broken and sometimes powder saffron is seen, which makes Sargol saffron divided into first-class or lower grades based on the amount of powder saffron and broken saffron stigmas.

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Uses of Sargol saffron

sargol saffron  from EYJANDue to the desirable coloring power and also the reasonable price of Sargol saffron, it is very suitable and economical for cooking and confectionery and even for consumption in restaurants.
Also, saffron is widely used in pharmaceutical, and health products.

Sargol saffron benefits

✓ Improve vision
✓ Weight loss with appetite control
✓ depression treatment
✓ Improve moods
✓ Cancer Prevention
✓ Improve digestion
✓ Adjust heart rate
✓ Regulate blood pressure
✓ Relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Fake Sargol saffron saffron

sargol saffron fromEYJANscammers use various methods some of which are dangerous to make fake saffron to sell it as premium Sargol saffron at a high price.
Some of their common cheating methods are dyeing fake or low-quality saffron, making it heavy by mixing it with water or sugar, mixing original saffron with corn strings, adding oil to saffron, or mixing quality Sargol saffron with inferior saffron types.
Sometimes the color yellow and white parts of saffron or corn strings with saffron color to increase the product volume and sometimes they dye fake or low-quality saffron with artificial colors that are the most dangerous cheating method because artificial colors are chemical and cause many diseases.
Sometimes even experts can not detect fraud in the supplied saffron, and the original saffron can only be detected by laboratory methods.
Here are some of the trustiest ways to identify high-quality Sargol saffron:
1. Saffron appearance:
Original saffron is very dry and natural and has a deep red color. Low-quality saffron strings seem to be covered with wax.
Also, real saffron string stigmas are not stuck together.
2. Saffron taste:
Real saffron has a bitter taste while fake saffron tastes sweet.
3. Saffron aroma:
Original saffron has a pungent odor that is a combination of honey and alfalfa while low-quality saffron has nearly no aroma.
4. Boiling water test:
When you add original saffron to boiling water it floats on it, then its unique color spreads slowly from top to bottom while inferior saffron settles immediately and loses its color quickly.
5. Baking soda test:
Add the saffron strings to a cup of a mixture of boiling water and baking soda. Pure saffron turns the mixture color to yellow while low-quality saffron makes it dark red.
By using fake saffron not only you do not benefit from the properties of saffron but its chemical substances can harm your health.
In compliance with all standard principles, and monitoring the production process of saffron and testing of the products, Eyjan provides Sargol saffron with the highest standards.

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Sargol saffron price

sargol saffron  from EYJAN  is pure  sargol The price of saffron depends on various factors, including the type of saffron, its quality, and purity, the number of intermediary sellers, etc.
The type and quality of saffron is the most important factor in determining its price.
As we mentioned at the beginning, Sargol saffron is composed of the pure all-red stigma of saffron, therefore, this type of saffron has a higher price than saffron, straw saffron, and corner saffron, but it is cheaper than Negin saffron.
The price of Sargol saffron usually varies based on the color and the height of saffron stigmas and the number of broken stigmas. The lower the number of broken stigmas, the higher the price, and on the other side, the more broken stigmas and the smaller the height of them, the lower the price.
By buying saffron from Eyjan manufacturer company you can supply premium first-hand saffron at the production price.

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Why should I buy Sargol saffron from Eyjan Company?

why can you trust us  • Buying saffron from the farmer

Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron and produces the highest quality saffron in the world.
Eyjan Company produces high-quality Iranian saffron by collecting saffron flowers that cultivate by its experienced farmers in Eyjan's agricultural lands throughout the best regions in Iran.
Also procures saffron from trusted farmers whose agricultural lands are under the supervision of Eyjan Saffron Company and their products are analyzed in the laboratory.
Then dries, processes, tests, and packs saffron by its expert personnel with the highest technology in a quality higher than the standards.
Eyjan has many certifications and ISOs due to producing premium organic saffron.

  • Eyjan guarantees its product quality

Because the costs of buying bulk saffron are high, we understand the concerns of wholesale saffron buyers about the quality and authenticity of saffron. For this reason, we have guaranteed the quality of our product and provided you with 2 options to ensure the purity of our saffron.
Check the quality of the saffron you want to purchase in our office in Tehran.
Sample order before buying the final order.

  • Eyjan offers the most reasonable price

By providing saffron from Eyjan Company, in fact, you have bought saffron directly from the farmer, and in this case, by eliminating the intermediary sellers, you can buy saffron at the production price.

• Eyjan cultivates organic saffron

Through the ongoing monitoring of our saffron farmland, we always strive to provide pure and organic saffron in bulk and retail boxes ( gift boxes) saffron, free from contamination and impurities when purchasing saffron from farmers.
The saffron offered in our store goes to the lab and is evaluated for coloring power, Crocin, Safranal, moisture percentage, and other standards.
At the Eyjan Saffron Company, all the necessary tests are done on the saffron and the saffron is offered to the buyer without any problem. We also send you the original phytosanitary certificate of the saffron.

  • Eyjan products packaging

Eyjan uses up-to-date standard polycrystal, glass, or metal packaging that keeps saffron from air, moisture, and sunlight to increase its shelf life and maintain its quality.
At the same time, its packages are not fully covered so you can check saffron appearance and quality.

Due to supplying pure Iranian wholesale saffron from the best farms and because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various saffron brands in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and producers.
Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers.
Our special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered the best supplier of Iranian wholesale saffron in the world.

If you are looking for a first-hand company to trust having the very pure natural best quality saffron to buy saffron from Iran just send us an email at

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