Super Negin saffron

super Negin saffron premium

Super Negin saffron is a premium and high-quality type of saffron that is known for its deep red color, delicate aroma, and potent flavor. It is the most valuable type of saffron in the world market and is cultivated and harvested only on farms that have favorable climates and fertile land.

 It is a versatile spice that can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

Super Negin saffron is the most valuable type of saffron in the world saffron market and is a superior version of Negin saffron.
Super Negin saffron is cultivated and harvested only on farms that have favorable climates and fertile land, so this premium saffron doesn't grow in every condition.
In addition to being the largest producer of saffron, Iran also produces the most excellent types of saffron in the world.
Eyjan Saffron Company provides Super Negin saffron from Iran's best Eyjan agricultural lands.
Also, by buying Super Negin saffron from the Eyjan manufacturer company, you buy saffron directly from the farmer and there are no intermediaries and brokers that offer you low-quality and expensive saffron.
Since Eyjan company is a saffron producer and exporter simultaneously, it can offer all kinds of saffron, each with the best possible quality and unlimited quantity at any time of the year and at the production price.
But among all of Eyjan's high-grade saffron types, Super Negin saffron is one of its special products.
So if you are anywhere in the world and want to buy Super Negin saffron from Iran, just leave a message for a free consult and exact price information.

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Super Negin saffron quality assurance

Because the costs of buying bulk saffron are high, we understand the concerns of wholesale saffron buyers about the quality and authenticity of saffron. For this reason, we have guaranteed the quality of our product and provided you with 2 options to ensure the purity of our saffron.
Check the quality of the saffron you want to purchase in our office in Tehran.
Sample order before buying the final order.


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Super Negin saffron; the best Persian saffron

super Negin saffron best premium

The most luxurious and the highest quality type of Negin saffron is Super Negin saffron.
This type of saffron has a very beautiful appearance, and strong color that makes it the most expensive Saffron in the world, it’s unparalleled in beauty and unrivaled in quality.

Super Negin Saffron quality

Safranal, Crocin, and Picocrocin rates in Iranian Super Negin Saffron are above the ISO 3632 standards which made it have the best aroma, flavor, and color among all types of saffron.
There is no yellow part or cream in this type of Saffron.
In the classification of Saffron Coupe, if the much taller stigmas are collected the tips of them are bulkier and thicker, this type of Saffron is called Super Negin saffron Coupe and is the most expensive and the finest kind of Saffron.
Super Negin saffron stigmas' are larger than usual, and the extremely large stigma is One of the characteristics of this type of saffron.
To collect Super Negin saffron, farmers separate the red and large breeds, whose lower parts of the strings are connected.
Approximately 100 kg of saffron flowers have been arranged to obtain approximately 1 kg of Super Negin saffron.
Super Negin saffron is the best saffron available in the world market that has many fans all over the world, especially in the Arab countries around the Persian Gulf, the European countries, and China.

characteristics of Super Negin saffron

super Negin saffron premium royal saffron

This type of saffron is a higher sort of Negin saffron that has everything that Negin saffron has at a higher quality level.

Among the characteristics of the Super Negin saffron index, we can mention the following:

  • The stigmas are completely separate
  • The top part of the stigma is wide and large
  • Doesn't have any broken stigmas
  • Consist of Stigmas without curvature and wrinkling
  • It's all red with no yellowness or whiteness in saffron stigmas
  • Doesn't have dark color stigmas
  • Having a high coloring property between 250 and 320 units, due to the high amount of Crocin
  • Unique aroma
  • Special flavor

Super Negin saffron produced by Eyjan company is 100% pure, original, and has the highest quality in the market.

what makes Super Negin saffron different from other types of saffron

Super Negin saffron is different from other types of saffron in terms of its quality, potency, and aesthetic features. It is the most valuable type of saffron in the world market and is cultivated and harvested only on farms that have favorable climates and fertile land. Super Negin threads are longer in length, contain no yellow or orange threads, and are cut symmetrically with no crumbs.

It is the highest quality and most potent type of saffron, with a deep red color and delicate aroma. Super Negin saffron is cut and graded from the premium part of the saffron thread or stigma, which is longer in length and thicker than other types of saffron. It is also dried using special methods and conditions.

Super Negin saffron Types

Super Negin saffron Types

Saffron strands are moist, delicate, and brittle as long as they are in the saffron flower. The Saffron flower takes great care of its stigmas.
The farmer collects saffron flowers from his agricultural land, not the saffron strands.
After collecting the flowers, the saffron strings, which are usually 3 in each saffron flower, must be separated from the flower.
However, these saffron strings are not usable and saffron stigmas need to be dried after being separated from the saffron flower.
Drying saffron is one of the important steps in preparing saffron and there are several ways to do it.

1. Traditional or manual methods

2. Industrial methods that as using the dryer.

Based on the method of drying and processing Super Negin saffron is divided into different types.

First-class Super Negin saffron

First-class Super Negin saffron premuim

If the saffron is dried manually, the saffron stigmas do not look completely smooth after drying and they curl a little bit.

Also, In the traditional method of drying saffron, its color changes, and saffron becomes darker.

Ironed Super Negin saffron or Super Negin Atoi

Ironed Super Negin saffron premium

But in drying saffron using a dryer, the bright red color of saffron can be preserved.
Saffron producers usually use dryer machines for drying saffron, because Saffron that is dried with a machine is considered flat and higher-quality saffron.
Drying saffron with a machine can be done in two ways: the common drying method and Ironing.
By common saffron drying using a dryer, the final product will look fresh and high-quality but not as soft as Ironed Super Negin.
To produce Ironed super Negin saffron is pressed under physical pressure or air pressure during processing and the red strands of saffron have a flat state.
This type of saffron is available in small quantities in the saffron market, But it is gaining more and more fans every day.
Specialists in the Eyjan factory dry and process saffron in a professional way that the product offered by us has the highest quality, the lowest percentage of stigma breakage, and the most uniform red color possible, so Eyjan is the best option to buy saffron.
For free consult and exact price, information contact us.

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Super Negin saffron production at Eyjan manufacturer company

To manufacture high-quality organic Super Negin saffron special conditions are needed, such as having very rich soil along with special knowledge and know-how to grow such strong flowers that process into premium Iranian saffron.
The processing steps include harvesting, stigma separation, drying, sampling and testing, sorting, packing, and selling.

• Harvesting

super Negin harvest

We at Eyjan company cultivate Iranian saffron onions which are the strongest saffron onions that exist in the world on the virgin soil of Iran's agricultural lands that has the most appropriate height and best climate conditions for growing first-grade saffron.
Saffron produced By Eyjan saffron is 100% natural and organic and doesn't use chemical materials or synthetic pesticides.
At Eyjan, we use advanced machines to comply with all standard principles, this processing care has enabled our company to produce the highest quality original saffron and also to receive many ISO standard certifications.
We collect saffron flowers at dawn and before sunrise by hand and move them to the manufactury to separate the stigmas and roots.
• Stigma separation

stigma separation  super Negin premium

The next step that needs professional knowledge is to detach the stigma from the flower in a way that the stigma separates without stretching and breaking from the length.
In the production of the best kind of Iranian Saffron, Super Negin saffron, Eyjan saffron experts choose the largest red stigmas that the lower parts of their strands are connected, and completely separate the red stigma from the white part (root) and the yellow part (cream) and no red color remains in it.

We are very careful to handpick each saffron stigma to ensure the quality to address consumers' expectations.
The bigger the stigmas, the greater the quality and coloring power, and the more expensive the price, also the name changes to super Negin saffron.

• Drying

drying  super  Negin saffron premium

Immediately after separating the saffron, the drying operation should be done. The method of drying saffron determines the quality and final value of saffron.
Eyjan safron's skilled personnel have the specialized knowledge and experience to give saffron the heat with the exact degree to dry without shrinkage and curving in the length.
The extraordinary aroma of saffron is produced during drying due to the hydrolysis of picrocrocin compounds and the release of safranal.

• Sampling and testing

standard test sampling super Negin premium

wholesale saffron dealers and saffron intermediaries are often lacking the proper equipment to test and sampling the saffron and check the standards issues.
The advantage of Eyjan saffron is controlling the quality and testing that is done on saffron to get a quality-guaranteed product to our dear customers.
To produce saffron, the processing should be done by using new Natural heating machines which are unique and no other countries use them.
Our company in Iran uses a very natural way to produce Super Negin saffron. Eyjan Persian saffron company is proud to offer real natural pure organic saffron with no external coloring objects.

Super Negin saffron Benefits

This type of saffron has many properties due to having large amounts of practical chemicals.

  • It's Anti-depressant
  • Maintain skin health and clarity
  • Increase metabolism and energy production
  • Strengthen mental strength and its function
  • Reduce periodic pain
  • Improves gastrointestinal function
  • Strengthen blood circulation
  • Strengthen the skeletal system
  • Increase general body immunity

Super Negin Saffron packaging

super Negin saffron packaging Eyjan saffron company

Super Negin saffron with this level of quality should be packed in very beautiful and luxurious boxes to show its value.

If you buy wholesale Super Negin saffron from Eyjan company you can choose to receive your order in our particular metal or glass boxes that protect the product from factors that cause saffron quality degradation and spoilage such as air, sunlight, and moisture and help it maintain its nutrients.

Super Negin Saffron Price

original super Negin saffron

The thicker and taller the Super Negin saffron stigmas, and the fewer broken stigmas, the higher the quality, and therefore the higher the price of Super Negin saffron.
There are various types of Super Negin with different percentages of broken stigmas and a different color range with different prices.
Eyjan saffron company provides the highest quality Super Negin saffron at the fairest price, if you encountered a saffron dealer who offers Super Negin saffron at a lower price, doubt the quality and authenticity of Super Negin saffron that is provided.
For free consult and exact price, information contact us.

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Why can you trust us?

why you can trust our company

Due to supplying pure Iranian saffron from first-hand farms such as Qhaenat and Ferdoss in Iran and providing the lowest price Eyjan Saffron has a special place in the market of Iran and other countries.
And because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various brands of Saffron in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and producers.
Not only are we experienced in our field of work, but we have a brilliant track record on our resume. We have always made fidelity our priority.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality.
Our special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered the best supplier of Iranian Saffron in the world.