Pushal saffron | Best quality Iranian Pushal saffron

pushal saffron- pooshal saffron

Pushal saffron | Best quality Iranian Pushal saffron

Pushal saffron is a type of saffron that has the least risk of fraud.
In this type of saffron, in addition to the red stigmas, the yellow/white part of the saffron cream is also seen, which greatly reduces the possibility of fraud.
Also, by buying Pushal saffron, you can benefit from the properties of its stigma and cream at the same time
the reason for the low price of this type of saffron is the presence of cream, which can be different depending on the ratio of cream and stigma, the height, thickness, and curliness of Pooshal strings, and the quality of saffron.

It is less likely, but even in this type of saffron, fraud occurs, so the best choice is to buy Pushal saffron from a reputable source.

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Buy Pushal Saffron In Bulk - Best Price Per Kg

Buy Pushal Saffron In Bulk - Best Price Per Kg

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Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and produces the best types of saffron.
Eyjan Company is one of the most reputable suppliers of Iranian saffron, which produces Poushal saffron from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging independently.

Eyjan Company, by supplying the Pooshal saffron that it has produced itself, eliminates intermediaries and provides all types of Poushal saffron in any volume requested, with guaranteed quality and at production prices.

You can also be assured of the quality of our wholesale saffron, by checking them in person at our office in Tehran or ordering a sample.
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Table of contents
• What is Pushal saffron?

• Types of Pushal saffron
  1. Grade A+ Premium / Pushal Qalamdar saffron
  2. Grade B / Ordinary Pushal saffron
  3. Grade C / Weak Pushal saffron
Pushal saffron and Sargol saffron difference
Pushal saffron uses
• Advantages of buying Pushal saffron?

Pushal saffron price
• Why should I buy Pushal saffron from Eyjan Company?
  ✯ Buying saffron from the farmer
  ✯ Eyjan guarantees its product quality
  ✯ Eyjan offers the most reasonable price
  ✯ Eyjan cultivates organic saffron
  ✯ Eyjan products packaging

What is Pushal saffron? Pushal saffron has a yellow tail 

Pushal saffronAfter the saffron flowers are harvested from the fields, the red stigmas, which are attached to the cream and are usually three-stranded, are separated from the other components of the saffron flower.
If the saffron cream, also called saffron whiteness, is separated from the stigmas so that the stigmas remain attached and there is a small amount of whiteness at the end, it is called Pushal saffron.
Pushal saffron is produced at the beginning of the harvest season which is late September until Mid- October each year, but this product is also available at Eyjan company all year round.
At the end of the three-branched stigmas of this type of saffron, usually, some (1 to 3 mm) yellow or white is seen, which gives it a straw-like shape; For this reason, saffron is called Pushal, which means straw.
Yellow cream at the end of the stigmas has caused Pooshal saffron to have many fans because due to the cream, the stigmas of the three branches remain connected to each other. The existence of the same connection of the three branches to each other, and reduces the possibility of fraud in this type of saffron to zero.
This type of saffron, which is called Mancha saffron in Spain, forms a large part of saffron produced in Spain.

Types of Pushal saffron 

Pushal saffron- pooshali saffron

Pushal can’t be fake, if you buy Pushal you may make sure that your saffron Pushal is very pure and natural.


Pushal saffron is dried in such a way that the strands are red and bulky and usually consist of strands of red and yellow parts.
Its coloring power is about 170 to 250 degrees, which is less than Sargol saffron and Negin saffron due to the presence of cream. But it has more coloring power than Daste/Bunch saffron.
In general, Poushal saffron has an acceptable coloring power for cooking.
Also, the amount of crocin and safranal in Pooshal saffron is lower than other types of saffron and Negin saffron in terms of quality.
Pushal saffron is usually divided into the following 3 quality grades based on the amount of strands curliness, the amount of cream attached to it, as well as the size of the strands.
Familiarity with these three categories when buying Pushal saffron can help you.

• Grade A+ Premium / Pushal Qalamdar of thick Pushal saffron

This type is one of the best types of Pushal saffron in which the stigmas are thick, smooth, and elongated, and as a result, they have less curliness than other types of Pooshal saffron and have a higher coloring power. The amount of yellowness or cream in this type of Pushal saffron is less and the strings are larger. Among the characteristics of Pushal Qalamdar saffron, the following can be mentioned:
  • Deep orange color
  • No pieces stuck together
  • The ends of the stigmas are white
  • The stigmas are thick
  • The stigmas aren't wavy
  • The ends of the stigmas are connected
The Pushal saffron that we offer has the following standards:
  1. Crocin (staining power) about 225
  2. Safranal (taste and smell) about 50
  3. picrocrocin (bitterness) about 85
  4. humidity below 7%

• Grade B / Ordinary Pushal saffron

This type of Poushal saffron has a wavy stigma with normal thickness and more cream and has a much better aroma and taste than the weak type.

• Grade C / Weak Pushal saffron

The stigmas of this type of Poushal saffron are very weak, brittle, and thin. The reason for the formation of this group is insufficient water, unsuitable soil, and weak saffron bulbs.

In general, Pushal saffron that has thick and smooth stigmas, no wrinkles, and has less cream (root) is called Pushal Qalamdar saffron, and Pooshal saffron, which has a normal stigma and has more cream, is called ordinary Pushal.
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Pushal saffron and Sargol saffron difference

Saffron Types stigmaThe most important difference between Pushal saffron and Sargol saffron is in their appearance.
Sargol is composed of pure all red stigmas and does not have any yellowness (cream) because to prepare Sagol saffron, only the red stigma is separated, also broken stigmas could be seen in Sargol saffron, but in Poushal Saffron, usually, three branches of saffron (stigmas) are connected and at the end of them there is some yellowness, which in Pushal Qalamdar saffron it is less than ordinary Poushal saffron.
In general, it can be said that Pushal saffron consists of all the stigmas and a part of the saffron string cream, while Sargol saffron only has the top part of the stigma.
Its color is less than Sargol and its price is lower due to the presence of roots.

Pushal saffron usage

pushal saffron usage and its benefitsDue to the lower price of Pushal saffron rather than other types of saffron, it’s usually used for the production of various products in confectioneries and factories, as well as in-home cooking. Also, because it is easier to buy original Pooshal saffron, people prefer to buy it. Among the uses of Pushal saffron, the following can be mentioned.
  • Use in ice cream factories and saffron syrups
  • Used in the kitchen of restaurants to prepare a variety of foods and rice

What are the advantages of buying Pushal saffron?

super pushal highest quality Everyone can recognize the authenticity of Pushal saffron due to the presence of cream, and for this reason, saffron buyers are more confident in buying this product.
This is one of the benefits of Poushal saffron. But in addition to being fake or genuine, there are other benefits to using Pushal saffron, which we will discuss below.

   • This type of saffron has a higher percentage of red stigma than cream and therefore has a high coloring power. The coloring power of Pushal saffron is up to 250 UPS.
   • Due to the presence of cream, Pushal saffron has all the properties of a complete saffron string.
   • Pushal saffron price is lower than other saffron.
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Pushal saffron price per KG  USD

pushal saffron

The price of original saffron depends on various factors, including the type of saffron, its quality, and purity, the number of intermediary sellers, the place where saffron is grown, and the reputation of the saffron supplier, etc.
However the type and quality of saffron is the most important factor in determining its price.
The price of Pushal saffron is chill-redan other all-red pure types of saffron, such as Negin saffron, Super Negin saffron, and Sargol saffron, because there is some cream along with the saffron stigma, and the price of cream (root) is much cheaper than the stigma.
Depending on its quality level, Poushal saffron is sold at different prices. The taller and thicker the stigmas, the higher the ratio of red stigmas to feweram, and the fewer broken stigmas and saffron powder, the higher the price.

Why should I buy Pushal saffron from Eyjan Company?

why can you trust us   • Buying saffron from the farmer

Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron and produces the highest quality saffron in the world.
Eyjan Company produces high-quality Iranian saffron by collecting saffron flowers that are cultivated by its experienced farmers in Eyjan's agricultural lands throughout the best regions in Iran.
Also procures Pooshal saffron from trusted farmers whose agricultural lands are under the supervision of Eyjan Saffron Company and their products are analyzed in the laboratory.
Then, it dries, processes, tests, and packs saffron by its expert personnel with the highest technology in a quality higher than the standards.
Eyjan has many certifications and ISOs due to producing premium organic saffron.

   • Eyjan guarantees its product quality

Because the costs of buying bulk saffron are high, we understand the concerns of wholesale saffron buyers about the quality and authenticity of saffron. For this reason, we have guaranteed the quality of our product and provided you with 2 options to ensure the purity of our saffron.
Check the quality of the saffron you want to purchase in our office in Tehran.
Sample order before buying the final order.

   • Eyjan offers the most reasonable price

By providing saffron from Eyy you have bought saffron directly from the farmer, and in this case, by eliminating the intermediary sellers, you can buy saffron at the production price.

   • Eyjan cultivates organic saffron

Through the ongoing monitoring of our saffron farmland, we always strive to provide pure and organic saffron in bulk and retail boxes ( gift boxes) saffron, free from contamination and impurities when purchasing saffron from farmers.
The saffron offered in our store goes to the lab and is evaluated for coloring power, Crocin, Safranal, moisture percentage, and other standards.
At the Eyjan Saffron Company, all the necessary tests are done on the saffron and the saffron is offered to the buyer without any problem. We also send you the original phytosanitary certificate of the saffron.

   • Eyjan products packaging

Eyjan uses up-to-date standard polycrystal, glass, or metal packaging that keeps saffron from air, moisture, and sunlight to increase its shelf life and maintain its quality.
At the same time, its packages are not fully covered so you can check saffron appearance and quality.

Due to supplying pure Iranian wholesale saffron from the best farms and because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various saffron brands in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and producers.
Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best serviOurto our customers.
The special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at a fair price possibly to be considered as the best supplier of Iranian wholesale saffron in the world.
If you are looking for a first-hand company to trust having the very pure natural best quality saffron to buy saffron from Iran just send us an email at

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