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Bunch Saffron which is also called Daste saffron or Dokhtarpich saffron is the most complete and main type of saffron.
In this type, a whole bunch of saffron is dried together from its roots to its stigmas, without separating a special part of the saffron string. The strands are then tied with string to keep them in shape and maintain the shape and color of the saffron string.

So in addition to less likelihood of fraud in this type, Daste saffron contains all the saffron string’s properties at a lower price.
Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world that produces the best types of saffron.
Eyjan Company is one of the most reputable suppliers of Iranian saffron, which produces saffron from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging independently.
Eyjan Company, by supplying the saffron that it has produced itself, eliminates intermediaries and provides all types of Bunch saffron in any volume requested, with guaranteed quality and at the production prices.
You can also be assured of the quality of our wholesale saffron, by checking them in person at our office in Tehran or ordering a sample.
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• What is Bunch saffron?
• Characteristics of Daste saffron
• Advantages of buying Bunch saffron
• Low production and supply of Bunch saffron
• Bunch saffron Price
• Why should I buy Bunch saffron from Eyjan Company?
   ✯ Buying saffron from the farmer
   ✯ Eyjan guarantees its product's quality
   ✯ Eyjan offers the most reasonable price
   ✯ Eyjan cultivates organic saffron
   ✯ Eyjan products packaging

What is Bunch saffron?

Bunch saffronContrary to popular consideration, which knows saffron as short, red strands, the saffron plant is not just composed of its short and red stigmas, but also cream and root (white part) that has a special fragrance.
There are different types of saffron, including Sargol saffron and Negin saffron, in which the red parts are separated and dried, and Pushal saffron, which has all the stigmas and a part of the cream. Also, Bunch saffron, which includes all parts of the complete saffron string, including stigma, cream, and root.
Bunch saffron or called Dasteh saffron is the total saffron stigma includes the red part, Yellow Part, and the white part which length comparing Negin Saffron, Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron is taller.
Normally, the length of the cream part is about 5 to 7 mm, and if the saffron has a good quality, the length of the stigma part could be longer. The top of these whole strands is reddish and the ends are orange-yellow.
The whole batch of saffron consists of three parts:
   • The white part, which is the lowest part, is known as "saffron root"
   • The yellow part between the white and red parts
   • The top red part which contains the most properties of saffron strand
This type of Saffron displays the completed threads of Saffron from the red stigma to white root. The whole Saffron package or Bunch Saffron is the natural Saffron available in the market because no change can be seen in it.
For collecting Daste Saffron, the Saffron stigmas associated with cream are collected together to form a cluster, and finally, a strand is used to wrap the cluster from the middle part of I and is dried without any change in the cluster. Daste saffron or Bunch Saffron is used to collect Saffron Coupe, Thread, and Cut Saffron.
The arrangement of this product is one-way and two-way.
From whole string saffron or Daste saffron, products such as Sargol saffron, Negin saffron, Super Negin saffron, and Pushal saffron are prepared.

Characteristics of Daste saffron

Bunch saffro 3

• Has a beautiful red-orange color.
• Has a wonderful aroma.
• It's completely coiled in pieces.
• The end of the stigma has a lot of white parts.
• Has a lot of curliness.
• The coloring power of bunch saffron is between 120 and 150 USP, which is due to a substance called Crocin.
• It should be dry and free of any fat or moisture.

Advantages of buying Bunch saffron

   • It has all the properties of saffron together

Many people think that the yellow part of saffron is without properties and is the extra part of saffron. But according to scientific research and experiments, the yellow part and the whole saffron string have useful ingredients and balance serotonin and dopamine in the body.

   • less likelihood of cheating on Bunch saffron

Another main feature of saffron is its quality and originality. The farmer dries the saffron strands in the same way as he separated them from the petals and sells them in batches; Therefore, this type of saffron can not be dyed or mixed with other types of saffron.

   • Cheaper price compared to other types of saffron

Another advantage of Bunch saffron for girls is that the price of this saffron is cheaper than the equal amount of Sargol saffron.

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Low production and supply of Bunch saffron

Bunch saffro 1

The richest properties of saffron technically belong to Bunch saffron because it has all parts and all properties together in one package.
saffron experts and also farmers use Bunch saffron for their own usage, which is justified in economic and has many helpful ingredients.
Nowadays due to the low price of the Bunch saffron and fewer benefits for the producers, farmers do not process Daste saffron and almost prefer to produce all red Negin, Sargol, and Pushal due to its high demand.
People generally are not aware of the Bunch saffron benefits and properties, as a result, the demand for Bunch saffron is very low and not even consider comparing to other categories.
Each year Bunch saffron has less produced comparing last year and is getting rare in the market.
The first product of Saffron is Bunch Saffron, which is the most common method of trading among farmers and producers.

Bunch saffron production in Iran

Bunch saffronDaste saffron one of the products that have been commonly cultivated in south Khorasan since ancient times.
It is the most suitable crop for the high-density planting system in remote and deprived parts of the country. Because most of the country's saffron farms are located far from the center of the country and lack industrial and other manufacturing facilities. One of the characteristics of these parts is water scarcity. Saffron is considered an over-strategic product in the central and south Khorasan regions.
Iranian Saffron requires a low quantity of water than most other crops and it is a perennial plant and maintains its productivity feature from five to seven years.
In addition, remarkable saffron characteristics such as its product durability for a long time, the ease of transportation, no need for heavy machinery and sophisticated technology, its potential to absorb a lot of labor at harvest time, the increasing need of it for the industrial, pharmaceutical and nutritional usage have led to the Iranian Saffron cultivation development and high saffron price.
The area under saffron cultivation in Iran
Based on the statistics provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Iranian Saffron cultivation area has reached 36724 hectares in 1998-99, of which 35832 hectares belong to Khorasan province that produces more than 173 tons of Iranian Saffron.
In the years 1999-2000, 41325 hectares of saffron cultivation have been reported. Due to the drought dilemma, 105.5 tons of saffron was produced, of which about 110 tons were exported and the approximate value of it was 40 million dollars.

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Bunch saffron Price

Bunch saffro 5

The price of original saffron depends on various factors, including the type of saffron, its quality, and purity, the number of intermediary sellers, the place where saffron is grown, and the reputation of the saffron supplier, etc.
But the type and quality of saffron is the most important factor in determining its price.
Bunch saffron has a reasonable price due to its quality and quantity.
Negin saffron has the highest price and cream or white saffron has the lowest price. The main reason for this price difference compared to other saffron is that it has white and yellow parts and its color is less than Sargol saffron, which is all pure stigma.
Also, the quality of the saffron is another important factor to determine its price. So the thicker, taller, and smoother the Bunch saffron stigmas, the higher the price.
Today, because of its reasonable price, Bunch saffron is well received. Buying Daste saffron is even more economical than Pushal saffron.

Why should I buy Bunch saffron from Eyjan Company?

why can you trust us

• Buying saffron from the farmer

Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron and produces the highest quality saffron in the world.
Eyjan Company produces high-quality Iranian saffron by collecting saffron flowers that cultivate by its experienced farmers in Eyjan's agricultural lands throughout the best regions in Iran.
Also procures saffron from trusted farmers whose agricultural lands are under the supervision of Eyjan Saffron Company and their products are analyzed in the laboratory.
Then dries, processes, tests, and packs saffron by its expert personnel with the highest technology in a quality higher than the standards.
Eyjan has many certifications and ISOs due to producing premium organic saffron.

• Eyjan guarantees its product's quality

Because the costs of buying bulk saffron are high, we understand the concerns of wholesale saffron buyers about the quality and authenticity of saffron. For this reason, we have guaranteed the quality of our product and provided you with 2 options to ensure the purity of our saffron.
Check the quality of saffron you want to purchase in our office in Tehran.
Sample order before buying the final order.

• Eyjan offers the most reasonable price

By providing saffron from Eyjan Company, in fact, you have bought saffron directly from the farmer, and in this case, by eliminating the intermediary sellers, you can buy saffron at the production price.

• Eyjan cultivates organic saffron

Through the ongoing monitoring of our saffron farmland, we always strive to provide pure and organic saffron in bulk and retail boxes ( gift boxes) saffron, free from contamination and impurities when purchasing saffron from farmers.
The saffron offered in our store goes to the lab and is evaluated for coloring power, Crocin, Safranal, moisture percentage, and other standards.
At the Eyjan Saffron Company, all the necessary tests are done on the saffron and the saffron is offered to the buyer without any problem. We also send you the original phytosanitary certificate of the saffron.

• Eyjan products packaging

Eyjan uses up-to-date standard polycrystal, glass, or metal packaging that keeps saffron from air, moisture, and sunlight to increase its shelf life and maintain its quality.
At the same time, its packages are not fully covered so you can check saffron appearance and quality.

Due to supplying pure Iranian wholesale saffron from the best farms and because of the best quality of Eyjan Saffron among various saffron brands in Iran and worldwide, it has the highest demand comparing other brands and producers.
Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers.
The special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered as the best supplier of Iranian wholesale saffron in the world.
If you are looking for a first-hand company to trust having the very pure natural best quality saffron to buy saffron from Iran just send us an email at

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