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What is saffron stamen or saffron pollen or saffron anther?

Saffron stamen is an herbal product that is obtained from saffron flower and added to foods as a spice to create flavor and color. It's also called saffron saffron anther Saffron flowers consist of three parts: red stigmas, yellow saffron stamens, and purple petals. The stigmas and  saffron stamens are in the center of the flower together. Each saffron flower has 3 saffron stamens and 3 stigmas.

saffron anther Saffron stamen

When the saffron stamen -saffron pollen is detached from other parts of the flower and dried, a yellow saffron is obtained. The saffron flower consists of 6 purple petals and three yellow saffron stamens in the center of the flower and three red stigmas next to it. After harvesting saffron flowers, red stigmas are dried to prepare different types of saffron (Negin, Sargol, Pushal, etc.). The saffron petals are used to other uses as well. Yellow saffron stamens also turn into yellow saffron after drying, which has many properties. After drying, the debris and petals mixed with the saffron anthers should be removed. This is a very difficult step. Two or three labors are required to clean each kilogram of saffron anther, and it may take two to three days to clean just one kilogram ofsaffron anther.Cleaning the saffron stamen is a time consuming task and requires a lot of care and patience. Among the saffron stamens, there is also a saffron pollen, which can be separated from the saffron stamens by sieving it. This saffro pollen also has the same properties of an saffron anther and has many uses. Saffron producers believe that the usage of saffron pollen is much higher than the saffron anther and it's sold separately. In the pharmaceutical industry, saffron pollen is mostly used.

In previous years, when people did not know the properties of saffron stamen -saffron pollen and how to use it, they did not use it and discarded it.

Because saffron stamens are placed next to red stigmas, yellow saffron stamens also have a saffron scent. For this reason, saffron stamens are also used in food instead of saffron.

The process of separating saffron stamens-saffron pollen , like red saffron stigmas, is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. This is also done by hand. The saffron stamen-saffron pollen, like saffron, contains various compounds such as crocin, antioxidants, and other biochemicals. The saffron stamens also contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for human health. The saffron stamen -saffron pollen  is also used as a natural color in confectionery and ice cream. Its price is much lower than saffron. It contains compounds such as crocin, which has antioxidant properties that are widely used in the prevention and treatment of cancerous tumors.

The saffron stamen is a good alternative to saffron safflower and it has more properties than safflower. you can use the saffron pollen to color the food instead of using chemical colors, which are dangerous to the body. Although the properties of the saffron stamens saffron pollen are not as same as saffron, but its properties are close to the saffron and it is better than the chemical colors and safflowers.

What are the uses of saffron stamen -saffron pollen? The saffron stamens have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The price of saffron stamen is much lower than safflower and it gives food flavor and color; Therefore, it has attracted attentions to it and is used in many food industries such as sausage making, in confectionery such as cake powder preparation, in pharmaceuticals such as antidepressants, in textiles such as dyeing silk fabrics, in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as a natural flavoring and are used in dairy industries, etc.

This product is also used in homemade beauty masks for skin and hair. Many women use henna to strengthen their hair and combine the saffron pollen with it which makes it more colorful and therefore more beautiful hair.

Manufacturers of skin and hair cosmetics also use saffron stamens in the production of various creams, masks, shampoos, and soaps and other care and treatment products.

What are the benefits of saffron stamen in medical use? As mentioned before, saffron stamens-saffron pollen are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. studies have shown that this plant has antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties and can be widely used as an anticancer substance. The saffron stamen-saffron pollen with its antioxidant properties is used to make cancer drugs.

saffron stamen saffron pollen reduces the risk of developing cancer cells in the liver, as well as decreasing the amount of protein that is a primary sign of cancer, and the onset and progression of the disease are much slower. It plays an anticancer role by helping to plan apoptotic cell death, preventing the undifferentiated proliferation of cancer cells and the anti- inflammatory effect. saffron stamen-saffron pollen can purify and strengthen the liver and also prevents the spread of breast and other cancers in the body. Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world and the third leading cause of death in cancer patients. Research shows that saffron and saffron stamen-saffron pollen has a significant effect on the prevention of liver cancer. In a way, it inhibits cell division and stimulates planned cell death (apoptosis). Scheduled apoptosis or cell death is a natural way of getting rid of unnecessary or abnormal cells. Researches show that one of saffron stamen-saffron pollen benefits is reducing the risk of developing cancer cells in the liver, as well as decreasing the amount of protein that is a primary sign of cancer, and the onset and progression of the disease are much slower. saffron anther protects brain cells A new study by neuroscientists at the University of Alberta in the United States found that crocin found in saffron and saffron stamens-saffron pollens was able to protect brain cells from diseases and nerve inflammation It also has an important protective effect on these cells in brain cell culture media, and can actually prevent damage to the cells that make the myelin sheath for neurons (nerve cells). The crocin has a great effect on the prevention and treatment of inflammatory and chronic brain diseases and is also used in depression medications.

Also, the crocin used in the saffron stamen-saffron pollen is used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to treat Alzheimer's disease and improve memory, treat low vision and other eye diseases especially in elderly people, control and regulate glycemic. The Crocin in the saffron stamen is also effective in increasing cell growth and repair cells.

The usage of saffron stamen-saffron pollen in dying industry Since many years ago up to now, saffron or saffron stamens-saffron pollen have been used as a dye in the dyeing industry. saffron stamens are also used to dye yarn in carpet weaving or to make and color handicrafts and decorative items and souvenirs. Painters and artists also use the color of the saffron stamens-saffron pollens in the painting, which is very durable. These handicrafts, carpets, and paintings which the saffron or affron stamen is used for coloring them as a natural color, are very expensive. Saffron anthers are separated from the flowers and dried in two ways. The first way is that when separating the saffron stigmas, the saffron anthers are separated and dried at the same time. The second way is drying the saffron flowers and then separate the saffron anthers because the flowers are very sensitive and have a short lifespan and may spoil. Since this is also done by hand, it requires a lot of time and energy. The process of drying saffron anther is done in two ways, either by automatic machines or they are traditionally dried.

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As there are different types of saffron, there are different saffron stamens ,too. There are two types of saffron stamens. The first type is straw (pushal) form, which is collected and sold at the beginning of the saffron season,and the second type is rice-shaped, which is offered at the end of the season and after drying and cleaning the saffron flowers.

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How to keep saffron stamens? Like saffron, the saffron stamens should be used in 2 years. After two years, the properties of the saffron stamens are gradually will disappear and it contains no longer the properties of the first day. Consequently It is better to use it in the first two years after drying. After 2 years, in addition to the properties of the saffron stamens, its aroma and coloring power also decreases. It is best to keep the saffron stamens in a sealed container that does not allow air and moisture to enter, preferably glass jars.