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Original saffron has a very high value

Original saffron has a very high value due to its high coloring and its special aroma, we produce original saffron, and you can test and check the differences.

buy original, 100% pure natural saffron from our company we are a high-standard saffron producer in Iran.

This is why many dealers are tempted to sell it with low quality and high price. And this makes it more difficult to distinguish genuine saffron.
Eyjan saffron company as a leading saffron manufacturer and exporter supplies all kinds of Iranian saffron of the highest quality and standards in unlimited quantities and delivers to all around the world with great support services.

buy original saffronOriginal saffron in Europe

Original saffron in Europe

Saffron needs special weather conditions to grow. It can be cultivated in Europe but its quality is not comparable to Iranian saffron. Therefore, saffron in Europe is mostly exported.
Spain produces Pushal saffron but according to Iran's high saffron processing and drying technology, even the produced original saffron in Europe has less quality in terms of aroma and coloring than the original Iranian saffron.


European countries are the main customers of Iranian bulk saffron. Saffron has been bulk imported to Europe, from countries such as Iran, India, and Afghanistan, and then re-export to the world with new packaging as Spanish saffron, Indian saffron, or Afghanistan saffron in some cases make also fake saffron by mixing natural original Iranian saffron with colored saffron cream for a more illegitimate benefit that makes buying original saffron in Europe difficult.
For these reasons, it is important to know where to buy original saffron. The best offer when buying exported saffron is to buy original saffron directly from the saffron manufacturer companies because in this case, the supplier of saffron is the farmer.
By buying saffron directly from valid brands of saffron like Eyjan saffron company which is a valid saffron manufacturer and by reducing the intermediaries, you can be sure of buying the original saffron in Europe.
Original saffron brands are companies, which produce real saffron and work legitimately and have certificates and standards assigned, they have to provide quality analysis which is an official approval of the originality of the saffron they offer.
Eyjan saffron company as a leading saffron manufacturer and saffron exporter supplies all kinds of Iranian saffron as wholesale saffron at production price.
We as one of the largest exporters of saffron in Europe, deliver saffron from Iran to the European saffron market and the world.
Saffron price in Europe depends on several factors such as the type of Iranian saffron and the degree of observance of international standards of the brand offering pure saffron are effective in the purchase price of the original saffron in Europe.
If you buy saffron from the manufacturer of saffron, the price of saffron will be much lower than when you buy it from intermediaries.
If you want to buy saffron from Iran and the most reputable saffron wholesaler in Europe at the fairest price, Eyjan saffron company would be the best offer for you.
we export saffron directly without any intermediaries; So there Is no way to cheat and you can be sure to receive original saffron in Europe.

Original saffron in India comes from Iran

original saffron from iranOriginal saffron has a fixed certain price. If you want to buy original saffron in India, first of all, you should know that a large amount of saffron available in the Indian market is composed of an impure mixture of Iranian saffron and different types of inferior saffron from various regions of the world.
So if you encounter saffron wholesalers who offer you Iranian saffron at a price lower than the reasonable price of original saffron in India, the saffron may be impure and low-quality.
Kashmir saffron is also available in the Indian saffron market. But its production volume is low and its quality is at a lower level than Iranian saffron.
You should be careful when buying original saffron in India.

Original saffron in Vietnam

fake saffronDue to the entry of impure and non-standard Indian saffron into the Vietnamese saffron market, access to the original saffron in Vietnam has become more difficult.
You can buy original saffron in Vietnam online from Eyjan saffron company.
In Eyjan Saffron company all types of Iranian saffron (such as Ironed Super Negin saffron) are available in quality above the standards and unlimited quantities.
Order original saffron in Vietnam and receive first-class in your country with the best delivery and after-sales support services.

Original saffron in China

China is one of the biggest importers of first-class Iranian saffron, which buys 100% natural high-quality wholesale saffron from Iran reexports it to other countries.
To buy original saffron in China directly from Iran contact us.

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original saffron in Canada and the USA

You can also order our premium original saffron in Canada and the USA. We sell all kinds of Iranian saffron in any volume and deliver all around the world with super after-sales support services.

how to distinguish original saffron

original saffron 100% pureThe price of original saffron without any impurities is high.
And because of the high value of saffron, so many saffron dealers try to sell fake and impure saffron as real saffron for a more illegitimate benefit.
Here are some tips for identifying pure and high-quality saffron.

The appearance of the original saffron

Make sure all the volume of products you buy is unmixed and has the same quality.
In general, high-quality saffron has a bright red color and healthy stigmas without breakage into chopped strands that are thick and long with less whiteness.
If the saffron strings seem soft, heavy, compressed and stuck together, and the color of saffron has been spread slightly to the stem or even the container, it means the saffron dealers moisten the saffron in order to increase the amount and weight of saffron

The aroma of original saffron

Real saffron smells like a mixture of honey and hay aroma. Sometimes the Saffron can have a pungent (almost chemical) type of smell because of the Safranal and Picocrocin.

Taste of original saffron

The original saffron has a warm, floral aroma with a delicate, earthy taste and bitter back notes.

Original saffron brands

We as a big reputable saffron producer company in Iran, are producing original saffron with very high standard and export to other countries, if you look for the best quality very fair price saffron for business do not risk buying from other countries which took saffron union from Iran and cultivated in their land, because saffron needs special land altitude and very secrete knowledge to yelled very high-quality saffron.
To be honest with you we have as many as 500 contacts each day from India who are requesting very cheap quality and not original saffron, they look for fake mixed colored saffron root( saffron cream), we don’t sell such saffron, saffron involves health and people are using saffron for curing and strengthening their health.
If you are a businessman in your country and want to import saffron, we are the best option due to our professional team in our main office in Tehran capital city.
Our exporting team's mission is to practice honesty with trustworthiness to give the best service possible to our business partners around the words.
As an Iranian saffron manufacturer in Iran, we offer you very high quality with the best standard saffron with very high standard services.
We have a very beautiful motto “we are not only saffron producers; we are building a healthy world”
Our saffron union is very strong and in the harvesting season we pick the stigmas very carefully from each flower there is no poison and animal manure in our farmland, all the process from cultivating and packing is with very good care to deliver high standard saffron to our clients.
Eyjan saffron producer's vision is to supply the highest possible saffron quality to worldwide clients and our mission is total control of the production line from the first step to the end of production line, we will resort to the newest technology to constant amelioration the process.
However, supplying the best quality original saffron costs and, consequently, our original pure natural saffron with the best high quality according to the ISO that we obtained is not as cheap as a fake mix in the market.
Original saffron price
Some people are looking for a low price and high-quality saffron in the saffron market.
But as we explained earlier in this article, original Iranian saffron has a fixed price in the saffron market. We offer saffron at a reasonable price because what we offer is 100% pure natural original saffron.
If you look for fair sustainable business, we are your partner in Iran with the best offer and services.

Why trust us as an original saffron brand?

We believe that we are the best Iranian Saffron supplier because Eyjan company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export premium saffron has no competitors in the freshness of its (dried) saffron and the saffron supplied by us is quite red and it has a production date and expiry date.
Not only are we experienced in our field of work, but we have a brilliant track record on our resume.
We have always made fidelity our priority.
We have also always tried our best to provide the best service to our customers. It does not matter if the service is sales support or product quality.
Our special effort of us is to provide the highest quality of original Saffron at the fair price possible to be considered the best supplier of Iranian wholesale saffron in the world.

why can you trust to deal with Eyjan persian saffron

If you are looking for a first-hand company to deal with and trust that has very pure natural best quality saffron just send us an email at  https://www.saffronbest.com/contact-us

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