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best saffron

No doubt the best saffron belong to Iran, because the origin, begging and the firsts source of saffron came to world from Iran.

We are very aware that due to IRAN economics sanction by the USA and western block countries Iran could not take part in the world quality test and its very funny that some afghans saffron exporter who are working with American company   took IRAN saffron for the completion and they gain the best award but please be aware that even the bulbs of Afghanistan saffron came from Iran, the cultivation technology and drying belong to IRAN how come Afghanistan has the best saffron?

It’s just a political issue making such joke 

Where is the best Iranian saffron from, where is the best saffron in the world cultivating, the best Iranian saffron, what is the best brand of saffron in IRAN, the best saffron in the world, the best Iranian saffron for export, the price of the best Iranian saffron, the best type of saffron for export, the best brand of Iranian saffron.

In this article, we try to provide appropriate answers to all the above questions, including the introduction to best Iranian saffron in the worlds. Stay with US

The best saffron in the world

In order to know where the best saffron in the world belongs, we must first see whether there is an international organization that announces these results without any political or social intentions or debts, of course there are many doubts.

Where is the best saffron in the world cultivating?

For the first time in 2014, Afghan saffron and Herat saffron have won the world award for the best saffron in the world. The World Institute for Taste and Quality Testing held its annual food exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. At the event, where more than a thousand types of food products were competed; Afghan saffron won the award for the best saffron in the world. And this trend has been repeated in 2015 and 2016.

Of course, given the political issues in the region, as well as the influence of Western countries to impose economic sanctions on Iran and hit Iran's agriculture, these results seemed predictable.

The best saffron in the world

The history of saffron cultivation in Iran dates back to very ancient times. Then it went from Iran to Greece and Rome. During the Parthian period, Iranian saffron was exported to Rome, and later during the Mongol period, Iranian saffron was exported to China, and China became one of the customers of saffron in Iran, and of course still it is many demand for the best saffron in world from Iran.

It is said that saffron became popular in Qom during the Sassanid era. During the Islamic period, saffron went to Arab countries and the countries around the Mediterranean also became familiar with its cultivation method. So that Morocco (Morocco) is one of the producers of saffron in the world.

Where is the best saffron in the world?

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and has won the first place (97%), Ghaenat has a global brand in the field of saffron production. And Gonabad saffron by registering in the FAO due to traditional cultivation and irrigation with aqueducts (organic planting methods) and Torbat Heydariyeh as the largest producer of saffron in the world have won various titles in the world.

But the best saffron in the world belong to a region near Tehran capital city, ROBATKARIM region MANJIL ABAD village.

Where is the best saffron in Iran?

Undoubtedly, Iranian saffron is the best in the world and this has been proven to everyone. To export saffron, we must consider many points, including the needs of the other party in the destination country.

One the among best saffron brand in IRAN is Eyjan saffron

We should study the target market of saffron so that we can have better exports and satisfy the customers of Eyjan Saffron company.

 The title of the best Iranian saffron for export will be different on this basis and according to the opinion of consumers or foreign customers in this field. Some people call MANJIL ABAD village saffron as the best saffron for export in Iran due to its global registration and unique aroma, some people say that it is a Torbat Heydariyeh saffron, large and beautiful pens, and some people think that Ghaenat saffron is famous.

To get more information in this field, you can read the article on saffron exporter to get more familiar with saffron export methods.

The best saffron brand

What is the best brand of saffron?

The best brand of saffron is saffron brand that can be bought directly from the company which has farming and processing in saffron business, because the various brands that exist in the field of saffron, are accordingly buying saffron directly from these companies to supply their customers as a saffron wholesaler, or even provide it from these companies through several intermediaries.

best saffron from iran

Which city owns the best saffron in Iran?
What has by mistake long been in the minds of the public as saffron is always the name of Ghaenat.
So that even some people think that Ghaenat is a kind of saffron like Negin and Sargol and most of the exporters and those in They sell and export saffron. They know that Torbat Heydariyeh saffron has a beautiful appearance and larger pens than MANJIL ABAD village and Ghaen saffron, and instead none of the saffron in MANJIL ABAD village have the aroma that MANJIL ABAD village saffron has because in Iran, because Saffron is cultivated in MANJIL ABAD village in a completely traditional way and secondly, it is irrigated by aqueduct water.
The price of the best saffron in Iran

As it is often known, the price of saffron and determining the price of saffron in Iran has several reason and components. Among them, we can mention the price of the dollar, export terms and conditions, the price of gold and to know the price of saffron and how to determine the price of the best saffron in Iran. Read the price of saffron in the articles section.

What is the best saffron?

Today, due to the increase in the price of saffron and the existence of profiteers in this field, there have been many frauds in saffron that make it difficult for ordinary people and the general public to recognize the best saffron and most people have difficulty recognizing the best saffron.

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