Saffron price in Iran is the saffron price index for the world market

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iranian saffron

saffron price

saffron price in Iran is the price that influences the world market in other words Iranian saffron market is dictating the saffron price in the world because of the quantity of the productions and the quality and unique trust technology of the saffron process

Eyjan Saffron Company, an Iranian saffron producer with over twenty-one years of experience in cultivating saffron from planting to harvesting and packing and exporting saffron, produces all kinds of saffron in the highest quality, and doesn’t have even one dissatisfaction in its work experience.

We have made our brand a popular brand with our honesty, high quality of our saffron, fulfilling our covenant, deliver orders on time and value for our dear customers, and we continue to do our best to remain popular.

saffron price normality changes each 5 business days , the best way to have the precise saffron price is to contact us and ask the exact price if you are real buyer, please don't waste our time if you are looking for fake expired saffron  , this is not our business we produce pure natural high standard saffron

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We aim to introduce you fairer  saffron prices than the saffron daily market price. What is the saffron market price? The Iranian saffron price is different together.  But what is the real pure saffron price in Iran?

The saffron price depends on various factors such as the type of saffron, the packing, buying wholesale or retail saffron, purchasing the saffron from the dealers or the producer and most importantly the quality of the saffron.

When asked about the saffron price, the first question to ask is, "What kind of saffron does mean?"

So let's get to know the saffron varieties first and then go for the saffron prices.

1_ Negin(cope) saffron: Contains tall, thick and all red stigmas. It has three degrees.

*Super Negin (fracture=5%)

*Exported Negin (fracture=10%)

*Normal Negin (fracture=15%)

2_Sargol (cut) saffron: Thick, all red and short stigmas

3_Pushal (thread) saffron: Tall and a little wavy stigmas

4_ Dasteh (Bunch) saffron: Contains red and yellow parts together

Eyjan saffron company produces and supplies all these kinds of saffron in superior quality with fairest saffron price.

Since having different coloring power, every kind of saffron has different  saffron price.

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Buying saffron from the manufacturer has a significant impact on the saffron price, making you safer with a better quality. 

As you know, a product goes a long way from the manufacturer to the consumer and passes through many saffron dealers, and every saffron dealer add their profits on the product, resulting in a higher saffron price for the consumer.  This also applies to saffron. 

In addition, the saffron may be crushed during this process or any broker may keep saffron for a long time and the saffron may expire.  So buying saffron from the saffron manufacturer is the best way.

Another factor which is effective in Iranian saffron price is packing.

Packaging is an important principle in keeping saffron and containers should be in a form which prevent air and moisture from entering.

Eyjan saffron company uses three types of saffron packing containers, including metal containers, polycrystal jars and polycrystal rectangular boxes.  All these containers are transparent and allow you to view the tall and all red saffron in the container.  We don't hide the broken and low quality saffron in completely covered containers.

These containers are available in of 1 gram, 3 grams and 5 grams weights and are usually offered by Eyjan Saffron in these weights, but if the customer's order exceeds 1,000 retail containers, it is packed to your desired weight. The saffron price in different packages is different.

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iranian saffron price

Another factor that affects the saffron price is purchasing saffron in bulk or retail boxes. The of bulk saffron price is lower than the packed saffron price because of the packing costs. 

Eyjan Saffron Company supplies both bulk and retail saffron in large quantities and has no problem producing saffron. Contact us for saffron daily market price.

Saffron quality is one of the most important factors affecting the Iranian saffron price.  The higher the quality of the saffron, the higher the  saffron price, so we have no right to judge the saffron price before seeing its quality.  This does not mean, of course, that every expensive saffron is high-quality.  You should make sure to buy saffron from a reputable and valid saffron company.

Iranian Saffron Export basic Price:

Considering to volume of the ordering and forwarding destination  saffron price would be various. The cost would be a divide as to parts, first part included fix cost belongs to required certification for sending the product and the second part included weight and cost of carriage. For estimating cost of Iranian Saffron export you are require to consider the destiny of consignee and volume of orders.

Iranian Saffron daily market price according to the types:

Typically active tops brands in packing and disturbing Iranian Saffron announce market price through their sites. Most of the companies try to commitment to this principle, however when you visit through theirs site to consider the rates you will face irrelevant   rate, and comes to this point that no one has updated the while the high tolerance of the Iranian Saffron is always the main factor.

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Saffron Plant is too important for some reasons:

1. The capability of preservation for 2 to 3 days and possibility of flowers carriage for manufacturing from an area to other place or other countries.

2. The possibility of harvesting by hand and without requiring specific technology in third world countries which are lack of technology.

3. Facility of harvesting by inexpensive labors, children, women, people with disabilities, and aged persons as well.

4. No need of special skills and convenience of harvesting flowers with traditional methods and mostly by women.

5. Flower delicacy and no dust in harvesting period.

6. Pleasant smell of saffron in early morning harvesting, you cannot find any person that miss this experiencing in period of harvesting.

7. Considering of saffron flower anatomy which is not have the thorns and being soft and tender makes the harvesting easy and safe for labors.

8.Facility of participating in production of saffron for all type of people that dealing with saffron such as, city residences, Experts, University students.

9. Having a psychological impact for those who participating in harvesting and producers of Saffron product.

10. Considering saffron fragrance, we can find an extensive impact on surrounded farm area, especially deserts and Industrial areas.

11. Saffron has embellishing effects of rural areas and cities

12. Saffron attracts beautiful birds to the farm which make an attractive view for the area.

Production of original Iranian Saffron

The best and the safest way to make sure the originality of Iranian Saffron is receiving valid analytical laboratory certificate.

This certificate demonstrates non-organic additive if exist in product and additionally shows quantity indicators of Iranian saffron.

By a simple analyze you may detect if any additive chemical color has been added to the product


Regulation of Iranian Saffron Export


Saffron is the most important cultivation product in Iran, which forced government to codify various regulation and tariff for management of currency exchanges due to the export of it.

As further you know the first export product of our country is Oil (Petroleum) that due to unacquaintance the volume of the oil wells, it’s not a reliable economic source, meanwhile the oil is the wealth and the capital for future generation as well which morally we are in charge of it and must carefully monitoring the export of it so we must to control it.

According to this fact, governmental authorities chosen Iranian Saffron as a substitute product for oil, from the other point of view Iranian Saffron cultivation is public and available and each person may be able to sell their own product individually, as further, we discussed this point is the main factor that forced the governmental authorities to codify various regulation and tariff for management of currency exchanges in exporting of the saffron.

70 percentage of the rules for sales and marketing is the same and only 30 percentage will remain that it's relate to the each recognition of products. For example: Saffron Product. In the initial 70 % we have general rules and the most important ones are to consider and make sure to choose advertising tools properly. Next move is to make e products accessible and available for all buyers. Afterwards balancing the saffron price and the quality of the products are required as well, some people belief that the main factor in sales is to providing lower  saffron price however brands like BMW and APPLE companies discover this fact.

Distribution of all types of Iranian Saffron to the world:

Various Iranian Saffron product distribute in largest volume in the internal market and only a part of it would be export to the other countries. This company is one of the best reputable and experienced ones in packing the high-grade Iranian Saffron that managed to achieve certificate of healthiness and organic products. Being organic means that no chemical and non-organic material in any part of process of, cultivating, harvesting, collection, separation, keep up and packing. After obtaining the mentioned license our company decided to start the international marketing activity to proudly be able to provide and export our product beyond the borders.