Persian saffron price

Almost everyone knows that Iranian saffron has the best quality in the world, among all kinds of different company producers, Eyjan company has been so successful to introduce and sell its products with a high quality and reasonable price.

Export and Import ways for buying saffron

In order to purchase a high quality saffron, you will need to know some essential tips, witch definitely effects on your final decision. Providing saffron either directly from the farmer, wholesaler, rural cooperative or meditative companies, has the same process but also slightly different.

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Iranian Saffron Prices List Per Kg Bulk Delivery EXWORK, 

wholesale bulk in 500grams plastic bags KG/USD

There are many companies that examine saffron to test the quality and based on doing some chemical and other tests on them, they can evaluate the quality and its price. The name of these tests are, microbic, physics, crocin, Pico crocin and saffranal, which determines the quality of a good saffron.

Farmers usually give bags of saffron to wholesalers, but the rural cooperative of the Ministry of Agriculture only tests crocin, which is the coloring agent and odor agent of saffron.

If a foreigner wants to buy saffron in a bulk, it is better to get them from companies because they are cleaned, although the price might be much higher. Eyjan company is an Iranian saffron producer, which started its work in 1990 with a small business and few employers.

Now it produces saffron from farm to Processing and Packing independently and with advanced manufacturing technology.

Over the past years by our great efforts and producing high-quality saffron, with commitments to honesty and trust, satisfying our customers, we grew and became a reputable and big-name brand saffron producer company.

As a saffron producer company we do our best to produce premium saffron and we are confident that we have done well so far to our customers’ satisfaction.

Persian saffron price

Since this Red Gold product (Saffron) has many different types, based on its type, prices may be different. Due to currency fluctuations, prices are valid up to 48 hours and you must re-ask for prices.

In order to see the last price list of saffron, there are many different sources that people and also traders can refer to, but we update the prices here in our website to make the journey short.

please note that this price list term is EX-Work which means if you are an importer in your country there are lots of costs that will add to this price like

1-carriage from Ex work to customs airport

 2- Export tax

3- Lab test for export license

 4-phytosanitary certificates

5- certificate of original certificate

6- the difference between market and government Dollar price

7- customs formalities

8- Ex-Ray inspection

9- carriage to the destination.