Saffron usage in different industry


saffron usage

Saffron usage in different industry


What are the saffron usage and what has made it called red gold?


Saffron has numerous usage, but its three main general saffron usages are in the:


1-Pharmaceutical industry

2-Food industry

3-herbal drink

4-Chemical industry


1-Pharmaceutical industry


From ancient times, traditional medicine had discovered the unique saffron usage of saffron and used saffron in various matters.  Today, with the modernization of everything, saffron is used in a new way and in medicine form to prevent and treatment of most diseases. Saffron has attracted the attention of many industries, researchers and physicians due to its incredible effects.


In recent years, due to the side effects of chemical drugs, many patients in every countries are interested in seeking treatment with herbal medicines.

When the name of medicinal plants is mentioned, saffron has a special place among them due to its unlimited properties and incredible applications in the treatment of various diseases.


2-Food industry


The aroma and taste of saffron is appetizing and has numerous saffron usage in the food industry.   It is widely used in various drinks such as tea and soft drinks, cake powders, chocolate, jellies, candies and etc. as a coloring and flavoring is also used in confectionery for the production of cakes and sweets, in meat production factories such as in sausage factories ,restaurants and dairy industry for making ice cream , butter and ...

Saffron usage in cooking chicken, rice, some types of soups and seafood and making different types of desserts.

Among the countries, Arabs use saffron the most. They use saffron in their different foods and the saffron must be used in the Arabic coffee.

In Italy and Switzerland, a food called Risotto is cooked in which saffron is used.

Paella is a famous Spanish dish in which saffron is one of the main ingredients.

The correct way to use saffron

Grind saffron stigmas, pour it into a coated container and pour a little boiling water on it and let it brew for 20 to 30 minutes. Now your brewed saffron is ready to use.

Another way to use saffron is to put a piece of ice on ground saffron. Saffron is brewed until the ice melts.

You can pour the brewed saffron in the mold and put it in the freezer to freeze and use it whenever you need.

How to prepare saffron tea and introduce its properties and benefits

Saffron is one of the medicinal plants that is used in different ways, from saffron tea to saffron rice and saffron tea, all of which are very tasty, refreshing, appetizing and have many properties, but in this article we want you Let's get acquainted with saffron tea and talk about its properties and benefits.


How to prepare saffron tea as herbal saffron usage


Beat the saffron and pour it into a teapot with cold water and some candy and cook on steam for 30 minutes. Then desire; You can also mix some saffron with ordinary tea and brew it.

Saffron belongs to the lily family and has been used extensively for thousands of years. It has long been used as a treatment for coughs, colds, stomach ailments, insomnia, uterine bleeding and heart disease and bloating. Saffron has always had a special place among us Iranians and its pleasant taste and aroma have always been reminiscent of authentic Iranian food.

In the following, we will deal with the properties and characteristics of saffron herbal tea as saffron usage in healthy drink .

3-Properties of saffron herbal tea:

Warm and dry nature, fun, heart tonic, brain stimulant, invigorating, anti-tooth decay cream, stomach rinse, kidney tonic, anti-cough and anti-allergy, reduce menstrual pain, warm the abdomen and back and…

Note: Do not overdo the consumption of saffron, the use of more than 3 grams in 24 hours is not allowed.

Saffron tea is very tasty, refreshing, appetizing and has many properties, but it should be noted that this drink is contraindicated for pregnant women and is not highly recommended, it may cause miscarriage. We suggest that you read the article Saffron in Pregnancy in this case to get useful information from

Other properties of saffron

  • Saffron usage in herbal  tea has an appetizing property and has an effect on improving the function of the digestive system, as well as helping digestion.
  • This tea has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties due to its refreshing properties.
  • This herbal tea helps to eliminate bloating and digestion.
  • This tea is hematopoietic and facilitates blood circulation as well as lowering blood pressure.
  • Saffron herbal tea is diuretic and cleanses the kidneys and bladder.
  • This tea also has anti-cancer properties due to its antioxidant properties.

4-saffron usage in Chemical and industrial applications of saffron


Today, natural colors have gained a lot of fans both in the food industry and in the fabric dyeing industry due to the fact that they are harmless. 

Natural colors have been used in dyeing for many years.  Saffron usage in coloring  is one of the natural coloring that is used in fabric dyeing and gives a special value to the fabric.

In dyeing industry, saffron is mostly used for dyeing silk fabrics and hand-woven carpet yarns.  Rugs and fabrics in which saffron color is used are very valuable and expensive. 

The saffron usage as its color gives a special effect to handicrafts, carpets and fabrics and also protects its fiber and texture.


Saffron is also used in cosmetics and eau de perfumes.


Nowadays Perfume companies have found that perfume markets and people's tastes are shifting toward natural fragrances and perfumes.

Because the price of perfumes and eau de perfumes is expensive automatically, the high price of saffron does not disrupt the perfume industry; so that its market is more prosperous than other industries that use saffron.


It is interesting to know that in the past, a combination of saffron with wine made a sticky spray that was used in Roman amphitheaters to freshen the air.


Saffron is also used in the production of soaps and shampoos, care creams, skin masks and scrubs.


One of the interesting applications of saffron in the candle making industry. When the candle that saffron is used in is lit, the combination of the spiritual light of the candle and the wonderful aroma of saffron will cause more and more relaxation.


Researchers have succeeded in using saffron for restoring very old artifacts ,that are very old and were in serious danger of being destroyed, especially those of animal origin Like the manuscripts on animal skins.