From Persia with Love: Journey into the World of Iranian Saffron Brands

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In this article, we are going to introduce the best Iranian saffron brand to you. If you are interested to import saffron, don’t miss the article. Brands such as Eyjan, Bahrain, Saharkhiz, Abbaszade,… have been introduced.

How to find the best Iraniansaffron brands?

According to market reports, saffron is a luxurious and valuable product, and for this reason, some profit-seeking people cheat on it to increase their profits.

There are many methods to detect fraud in saffron, which are discussed in this article, but one of the best ways to prevent buying fake saffron is to buy saffron from a reputable brand or online store that seeks to maintain quality and the originality of the brand itself.

We have evaluated and listed the best Iranian saffron brands and the best saffron buying and selling centers according to important criteria based on various reviews and studies. In the following, we present the list of the best brands and online stores that you can use to buy saffron.


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Eyjan- the best Iranian saffron brand

Buy saffron from the Eyjan online store (direct purchase of pure saffron from farmers).

Eyjan at www…. is one of the reliable online stores for buying saffron. The head office of Eyjan is currently in Tehran, and the founders of this brand are among the professionals in saffron growth.

Iranian saffron brands 

You probably know that Eyjan is known as the biggest exporter of Iranian saffron from the capital city, and produces the highest quality saffron in the world. Therefore, one of the most important evaluation criteria for introducing the best brands and sites for buying saffron is to check the history of the producer company.

According to what is stated on the About Us page of the Eyjan website, this store supplies the best quality saffron directly from the farms and the reputable farmers who are parties to the contract with this company. Also, there are other interesting information and images on this page, such as the missions of this company that pursues a goal called green and healthy Iran. We suggest that if you enter the Eyjan website, you must also read and view it's About Us page.

Of course, it is necessary to explain that Eyjan's online store also offers other products in the following categories.

  • The best quality barberry in the universe
  • First grade Bukhara plums
  • High-quality dried figs
  • High-quality pistachio

This is another important advantage that can be seen in Eyjan’s online store, that every product is supplied from the local gardens and farmers of that region, which of course is in line with their goal, that is, every Iranian should own a garden of organic and healthy products.

So, our first suggested option for buying high-quality saffron and barberry is the Eyjan company. You can click here to buy saffron.

Abbaszade saffron

Abbaszade saffron brand is also one of the well-known and old Iranian saffron brands. The head office of this brand is located in Tehran and they are one of the active and important companies in the field of saffron export.

The products of this brand are also of high quality and, of course, they have a wide variety of products due to the supply of dried fruits.

Saffron Mostafavi

Mostafaei saffron brand is one of the famous names in the saffron industry. One of the visions of this company is to turn saffron into a widely consumed and basic commodity by the year 2030, which is a good and appreciable vision in our opinion because Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and this issue can be valuable for the economy of our country.

Address of Mustafavi Saffron Central Store: Mashhad, Imam Reza Street, between 1 and 3 Imam Reza Street

Behrman saffron- Iranian saffron brand

According to what is stated in the About Us section of the Behrman Saffron website, this company was established in 1970 and is one of the oldest brands in the field of selling saffron. Behrman saffron, like Abbaszade saffron, considers exporting the best Iranian saffron to the whole world as one of its important goals.

One of the important features of Behrman's brand is that it has received international standards such as ISO9002 and ISO22000.

Address of Behrman saffron store: Khorasan Razavi - Mashhad - Imam Reza Street - Imam Reza corner 8

Also, Behrman saffron Company has started its online sales in 2017, and products such as honey, dried vegetables, dried fruits, cardamom, and all kinds of spices and seasonings are sold on the website of this Company.

Where to buy the best Iranian saffron brands

It may be interesting to know that Iran produces and supplies more than 90% of the world's saffron. In terms of quality, the saffron of Iran in South Khorasan province has the highest quality and for many years, "Eyjan saffron" has been recognized as the best quality  Iranian saffron brand in the world.

Due to its global fame and reputation in the field of saffron, Eyjan hosts many tourists every year to buy the best gift from Iran.

Conclusion For Iranian saffron brands article 

In this article, we tried to introduce the best Iranian saffron brands and the best saffron buying and selling centers in Tehran and Mashhad, so that you can finally decide which brand to buy your saffron from.

For example, the Eyjan store, which focuses on supplying saffron directly from the farmers, considers sales inside Iran plus exports. Therefore, in addition to offering the original saffron, it also has a more reasonable price. But other brands that focus only on export have a much higher price, which you can understand with a quick review. In the end, the choice is with you dear companions, we tried to introduce the best Iranian saffron sales centers. We will be happy to read your comments in the comments section.